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Sustainable packaging

Starlinger viscotec: Sustainable rPET cups for school milk

It is a world premiere: school milk in Upper Austria is now packaged in 100% sustainable cups made of recycled PET (rPET). The joint project of Austrian school milk producers and the three Upper Austrian companies PET-MAN, Greiner Packaging and Starlinger viscotec is revolutionizing the food packaging market and proves that a sustainable circular economy is possible.

When the bell announces the break, children in Upper Austria look forward to enjoying their school milk. Every day, around 36,000 children in Upper Austria are supplied with fresh school milk products such as fruit milk, drinking yoghurts or school milk cocoa. “To carry through the origin idea of the regional and sustainable product to the packaging, we thought about how to make it so that the cups are 100% recyclable and reusable,” explains Markus Neudorfer, Managing Partner of the sheet manufacturer PET-MAN. The solution is a white cup made from 100% rPET.

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