(Photo credit: St-Rémy)

rPET bottles for St-Rémy

St-Rémy introduces new lightweight rPET bottles

0:25 min Bottle development and design

On its website, St-Rémy announces that the company has switched to rPET for three of its most important formats.

Piovan September

These are the 50cl bottles St-Rémy XO and VSOP and the 1.75l bottles St-Rémy VSOP. With this conversion, St-Rémy will emit 29% less CO2 and use a third less water and energy than plastic bottles made from conventional PET.

The new bottles carry a green label: "This bottle is made from 100 % recycled plastic". The switch to non-virgin plastic is expected to save almost 50 tonnes of virgin plastic and almost 100 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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