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SK chemicals and Ottogi apply 100% circular recycled PET to food containers for the first time in Korea

Seongnam, South Korea

  • Ottogi renews pork cutlet and steak sauce packaging… by applying SK chemicals' CR-PET
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions while securing the same physical properties and safety as existing PET

SK chemicals and Ottogi are actively taking the lead in reducing carbon emissions by applying 100% circular recycled materials to food containers for the first time in Korea.

SK chemicals announced on the 5th that it applied 100% of its circular recycled PET (CR-PET) to Ottogi's renewed pork cutlet and steak sauce packaging.

Circular recycle is SK chemicals' "chemical recycling" technology that enables infinite reuse by breaking down waste plastic to a molecular level and remanufacturing it into raw materials. Compared to the "mechanical recycling" method that cleans or cuts waste plastic into smaller sizes (flake form) for reuse, it has the advantage of maintaining the high-quality physical properties and safety.

Ottogi's renewed meat sauce containers use 100% "SKYPET CR," which were jointly developed by SK chemicals and Poonglim P&P, a food packaging subsidiary of Ottogi, after signing an MOU last year.

By applying SKYPET CR to meat sauce containers, greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced compared to previous petroleum-based PET, meeting the needs of consumers who prefer eco-friendly products.  In addition, there is an advantage in exporting to overseas countries such as in Europe where greenhouse gas regulations are strengthening.

Accordingly, Ottogi plans to expand the application of SK chemicals' SKYPET CR to containers for other product groups, starting with this mass-produced package.

In addition to Ottogi's pork cutlet sauce container, SK chemicals is applying SKYPET CR to Jeju Samdasoo's RE:Born and has released the “6℃ Eco Toothbrush” with recycled materials applied in collaboration with KNK, a company specializing in toothbrushes. In addition, the company is expanding the scope of application of circular recycled materials by releasing recycled material textile fabrics jointly developed with eco-friendly social enterprises such as "Art Impact" and "Project 1907."

Kim Eung-soo, the head of the copolyester business department at SK chemicals, said, "In March, we acquired assets related to the circular recycled raw material PET business of Shuye, China, and established SK Shantou to lay the groundwork for a stable supply of recycled plastic raw materials." He added, "Based on this, SK chemicals plans to expand its circular recycled product groups to various industrial materials in the future."

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