Sustainability Goals

Schwarz Group reports major progress toward achieving its REset Plastic targets

Neckarsulm, Germany

Schwarz Group is rapidly approaching the targets laid out in its group-wide plastics strategy REset Plastic. Thanks to the close collaboration between Schwarz Produktion, the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions, and the environmental division PreZero, the corporate group has already achieved great success both in Germany and on an international scale.

The following figures were reported for the 2021 fiscal year:

  • Across all countries, both retail divisions reduced their use of plastic in private label packaging by 18 percent, thus bringing them even closer to achieving their REset Plastic target of reducing plastic by 20 percent by 2025. In Germany, they have already surpassed this target: Kaufland Germany was able to cut its use of plastic by 26 percent, and Lidl in Germany by 22 percent.   
  • The Schwarz Group also aims to use an average of 25 percent recycled materials in Lidl and Kaufland’s private label packaging out of plastic by 2025. Currently, all countries are using an average of 14 percent recycled materials. Kaufland Germany is already making its private label packaging out of 29 percent and Lidl in Germany out of 23 percent recycled material. The Schwarz Group was able to achieve this by using 100 percent recycled materials in the disposable PET bottles produced by Schwarz Produktion (except for the caps and labels).
  • In all 32 countries where Lidl and Kaufland are represented, the Schwarz Group has currently achieved maximum recyclability for 50 percent of its private label packaging, corresponding to half of its set target. At Lidl in Germany, the company has already reached 58 percent and at Kaufland Germany 42 percent maximum recyclability for its private label packaging.

The retailer is building on its previous success and continuously developing sustainable measures to help achieve its targets. Aside from reducing its use of plastic, the company will now focus its future actions on using recycled materials and increasing recyclability.

Less Plastic – Closed Loops: With its REset Plastic vision, the Schwarz Group is moving toward a sustainable future. Each and every action intended to ensure that plastic is used responsibly contributes to the greater good. The international retailer works continuously group-wide to achieve its goals.

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