SARMATEC at Drinktec

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Piovan September

The mission of SARMATEC is to fill the gap between standardized products and customers by specializing in custom-made products and personalized solutions for transport and warehousing.

Our goal is to supply tailor made wire mesh containers at competitive prices and still have a short delivery time in the process. We achieve this by our flexible production system, automation and strategic location.

Our wire mesh containers are applied in a large variety of sectors, starting from PET preforms, caps and closures to winery, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc.

The main advantages for customers who use our containers:

  • Long exploitation time (6-8 years), significantly reducing the costs comparatively with disposable packaging;
  • They are stackable (base+4), providing a high volume for warehousing;
  • They are foldable, bringing significant gains regarding the space on the return truck and in warehouse. 

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