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ProTec: quickly delivers mobile pellet dryer packages SOMOS RDM for order peaks

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Despite a good order situation, bottlenecks with supply chain are making life difficult for many plastics processors in injection moulding and extrusion. For drying hygroscopic plastic granulate and regrind, ProTec Polymer Processing now offers a remedy with three ready-configured granulate dryer packages.

Piovan September

The complete solutions based on the SOMOS RDM series are suitable as flexible auxiliary units for processing machines and for order peaks. They are supplied including conveyor unit, material discharge with dry air and suction package.

The package models cover 90% of all customer orders

The "Easy dry" sets are available optionally with the dryer model RDM40 for 20-65 kg/h throughput, in the version RDM70 for 40-130 kg/h material and as RDM100 for up to 55-200kg/h plastic granulate. According to ProTec, these three variants cover more than 90% of all customer orders for the series. This consists of a total of six sizes with containers between 30l and 400l for material throughputs of 5 to 260 kg/h.

The complete packages, which can be delivered quickly, are in stock and can be put into operation by the customer immediately after unpacking and assembly. Detailed videos guide customers and demonstrate all assembly steps. The net prices of these "Easy dry" sets range between € 10,095 and € 11,536 including delivery charges.

Fast, efficient and versatile

All "Easy dry" granulate dryers are identical to other standard models in the RDM series. They consist of a dry air generator and an insulated drying container made of stainless steel. An otherwise optionally available, integrated conveyor system for automatic feeding of the processing machine is already included in the "Easy dry" package. The drying air is generated in a single chamber system with a reduced use of desiccant. This achieves a fast and energy-efficient regeneration of the desiccant.

The drying airflow rate of 10 m³/h to 140 m³/h is adapted to the respective container sizes. Drying temperatures of 60 °C to 140 °C are covered with a dew point temperature of the drying air of minus 35 °C. This means that most types of material can be reliably dried even with the standard version.

Easy to use energy savers

Like all SOMOS pellet dryers, the models of the RDM series are equipped with energy-saving technologies Super-SOMOS and ALAV, which minimizes energy and thus resulting in reduced operating costs. On one hand, the drying air throughput is automatically adjusted to the current material throughput. On the other hand, the desiccant regenerates itself automatically depending on the actual moisture load of the adsorbent.

A powerful, PLC-based 6'' touch screen control monitors and controls the RDM granulate dryer. Simultaneously, it documents all dryer functions. In addition, it offers a memory for up to 200 drying recipes. This makes it easy to avoid faulty batches and product losses. The intuitive control system is also equipped with various interfaces that make the dryers Industry 4.0-capable. A quick visual check of the fill level is possible via an integrated sight glass.

Various additional options

For plastics processors who demands on pellet dryers that go beyond the performance of "Easy dry" packages, we offer various additional options. A high-temperature version for drying temperatures up to 180 °C is available as well as a low-temperature version for drying at less than 60 °C. A dew point sensor and condensate separator for critical and contaminated polymers is also available.

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