Klaus Thatenhorst: Holistic data handling forms the basis of successful discontinuation management, claims Klaus Thatenhorst, head of the Standards Department at KHS. With this the systems supplier always knows where discontinued components are in use ? worldwide. (Photo credit: KHS)


Proactive discontinuation management: KHS ensures long-term line operation

2:10 min Markets and Management
KHS GmbH Dortmund, Germany

  • Holistic data management for fast reaction times
  • New systems and solutions and compatible components shorten downtimes
  • Users profit from increased machine efficiency thanks to new technological parts

Supplier component discontinuation offensive: with this proactive service the KHS Group prevents costly machine downtimes at beverage plants and safeguards the long service lives of its filling and packaging machinery. With the availability of significant components becoming ever shorter, KHS’ discontinuation management scheme makes sure plant equipment stays up and running. This topic is gaining in importance in our digital age, where electronic components have shorter product life cycles. KHS not only brings its systems into line with the state of the art; operators also benefit from increased machine efficiency thanks to the use of new technologies.

A supplier’s component has undergone extensive further development; modified legislation calls for technical changes to be made: KHS Service is proactively tackling the problem of supplier components no longer being available and having to be replaced by new solutions. “We support our partners with our knowledge of any technical changes required to make sure that machinery continues to function and production runs smoothly at beverage bottling plant,” states Klaus Thatenhorst, head of the Standards Department at KHS. “By replacing the necessary components in good time, we ensure that our machines have long service lives and are thus sustainable.”

Replacements for greater line efficiency

This may all initially sound like an expensive and time-consuming undertaking for the bottler yet it yields great benefits on several counts. By changing components quickly, the systems provider avoids unplanned downtimes over a longer period of time caused by the failure of a part no longer available. Furthermore, beverage producers can sometimes even improve line efficiency by installing new replacement components and at the same time carry out other useful upgrades. When converting a machine KHS Service not only removes and replaces discontinued components but also takes them back and reworks them.

In our digital day and age discontinuation management is an issue which is becoming increasingly important. While mechanical parts such as gear motors are usually available for up to ten years, according to the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) some electronic components last just two years. Accordingly, the number of replacements for comparable parts required as a result of discontinuation is already currently increasing at shorter and shorter intervals.

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