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Polyvel introduces rBOOST PET chain extender

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Hammonton, New Jersey, United States

Polyvel’s ReVal product line of additive masterbatches has been specifically designed and formulated to assist in the recycling of a wide variety of polymers. These products help fulfill the need for higher inclusion rates of recycled materials, thereby reducing the demand for virgin plastic and increased waste, and a further drain on our natural resources.

rBOOST PET Chain Extender

A new Polyvel development, is designed to increase the intrinsic viscosity (I.V.) and impact strength of recycled PET allowing for inclusion of a higher rate of recycled material and to maintain the I.V. of virgin PET after numerous passes. rBOOST, Polyvel’s PET Chain Extender will also reduce the yellowness index of rPET while imparting higher impact strength and offering better processability.

Developed for use in compounding, fiber, extruded sheet, injection molding and blow molded bottles. Where the application demands it, rBoost provides it.

“Sustainability and protecting and preserving the natural resources for our planet has never been more important than it is today,” according to Rick Wadbrook, Polyvel’s Global Director of Sales and Marketing. “That’s why at Polyvel we have placed a strong emphasis on Sustainable products and recycled materials.”

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