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Plastipak and Kraft Heinz partner to produce 100% rPET containers

Plymouth, MI, United States

Plastipak Packaging announce they’ve partnered with Kraft Heinz to transition KRAFT® Real Mayo and MIRACLE WHIP® containers to be made entirely from rPET material.

At Plastipak, we recognize the infinite possibilities of plastic and collaborate closely with our customers to understand their needs. By working together, we’re helping Kraft Heinz move toward its goal of reducing the use of virgin plastic in its global packaging portfolio by 20% by 2030.

In the United States, KRAFT® Real Mayo and MIRACLE WHIP® containers are in the process of being converted to 100% food grade rPET material, which will result in the elimination of about 14 million pounds of virgin plastic, reducing the overall carbon emissions of the packaging.

“We are investing in innovative technologies and partnerships that are critical to helping us redesign packaging, eliminate unnecessary plastic, increase our use of recycled content, and influence the adoption of reuse models,” said Rashida La Lande, General Counsel & Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer at Kraft Heinz. “This is one more way we’re renovating our product portfolio to not only offer more sustainable options, but to deliver on our consumer expectations.”

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