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PET flake production

Petainer launch Petainer IR Flake, a new rPET source

Interview by Dr Otto Appel with Dr Michael Joyes, Program Manager at Petainer.

Tomra May 2024

Where is the plant for the production of rPET located?

Petainer IR Flake will be produced using 100% renewable energy in Aš, The Czech Republic. With an enviable central European position, Petainer also serves markets with One-way Preforms, Reusable PET Bottles as well as Reusable 5GAL Water Cooler Bottles, and Oneway Kegs.


What capacity does the system offer?

5,000 tonnes/year.


When will the system go into operation?

Petainer are launching Petainer IR Flake to the market in Q1 2022, with final commissioning of the line completed in November of this year. Petainer will become the first to create preforms from this recycling process.


Is the material flow ensured for the capacity of the plant? How do you manage to ensure this?

The Petainer IR Flake system will complement existing recyled PET streams from a range of hot-washed flake sources. Existing and future Oneway Preform and Reusable PET Bottle customers will have the option to sell baled bottles directly to Petainer, providing the ability for our customers to achieve closed loop recycling.


From which catchment area and from which sources does the PET material to be processed come?

The flake input will be sourced from the German Deposit Return Scheme, where high quality, food grade origin flake can be accessed as well as from the recycling system in the Czech Republic.

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