Petainer Innopac partners with Pune Mineral Water Association for healthy & safe drinking water

Petainer Innopac Packaging, today announced its collaboration with Pune Mineral Water Association to launch the petainerCooler™, a high quality 20L bulk Jar for the mineral water industry, which significantly improves the quality, consumer safety, increases strength & life cycles, reduces waste and drives significant supply chain gains. This collaboration will bring this game changing PET packaging solution for the water industry in Pune, with improved sustainability.

The Pune Mineral Water Association has 85 brands under its umbrella, out of which approximately 55 brands use the 20 litre bulk water jars. Based on the mutual understanding, the members have agreed to launch the petainerCooler™ Jar for the Pune market to promote healthy, sustainable and safe drinking water for consumers. Petainer Innopac Packaging provides customers with high quality and high performance PET/plastics packaging solutions using the company’s advanced polymer engineering technology.

The alliance shows that Pune Mineral Water Association is extremely quality conscious, forward-looking, continuously works towards consumer safety while enhancing the brand image of the members. The petainerCooler™ Jar will be available in the Pune market in February.

Pune Mineral Water Association has also offered warehousing space to Petainer Innopac to store the Jars locally in Pune so that the members have easy, immediate and local access to the technology to meet any sudden surge in demands.

Vijay Singh Dubbal, President of Pune Mineral Water Association said, “The association constantly works towards reaching out and bringing to members the latest world class technologies which improve the quality of our packaging and makes our water safer for consumers, while reducing our overall costs. We are pleased to associate with Petainer Innopac and to introduce the high performance packaging for our customers.”

Talking about this new collaboration, Atit Bhatia, Managing Director, Petainer Innopac Packaging, said, “The alliance resonates the feelings of the members of the Pune Mineral Water association who have welcomed this state of the art technology in their businesses to improve quality and consumer safety. We are very pleased with this association and look forward for working closely with our new Pune customers to deliver on our promise.”

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