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PET injection system

PET-Series from Otto Systems: A new PET system at drinktec

As is well known, big trade fairs cast their shadows ahead. In this shadow, Otto Systems is building its new PET system for drinktec 2022.


An interview by Otto Appel with Stefan Zatti and Beda Grob Otto Systems AG

We accept the invitation of Stefan Zatti, CEO, and Beda Grob, CTO, to get to know the new PET-Series of Otto Systems at BMB, the partner and supplier of the injection moulding mashine in Brescia in northern Italy. What had happened since the rollout of the first system, which we had reported on in detail in the THREE:2017 issue of our comPETence magazine?


What role does the take-out sector play within the systems approach?

Grob: The take-out area with the water cooling in the take-out plate and the preform internal air cooling in the transfer plate are central to the preform after-cooling and thus crucial for perfect geometric shaping of the preforms. And of course, we have also optimised here: We opted for three post-cooling stations as standard. We have deliberately dispensed with a vertical robot movement for a fourth station. We are convinced that with three cooling stations, we can cover the majority of fast-running applications without any loss of cycle time. With thickwalled preforms, it is indeed the case that a fourth station would help, but in these applications, it is typically not the hundredth of a second that counts.


What is the role of the robot?

Grob: With the 160 robot of the first generation, we designed a demonstration system with a reserve in the installed power. The motor and drive with the control unit are identically dimensioned in the new system, although larger and heavier take-out plates for up to 96 cavities are used. The overdimensioning of the demonstration system gave us plenty of scope for testing and optimising the settings of the acceleration ramps. We have now installed the same unit as a series solution on the PET-Series 240 and achieve the same dynamic movements. The power peaks are now no longer at 50-60% of the installed power but around 80%. In principle, we have dimensioned something smaller, benefiting energy efficiency. On the PET-Series 240, we have only raised the mechanics and linear guides to the next dimension to cope with the higher loads. This ensures smooth running, safety and mechanical engineering quality.

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