OCTAL becomes member In the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR)

OCTAL, a world leader in PET resin and integrated PET sheet manufacturing, continues to explore additional ways to positively impact the packaging industry. OCTAL is taking significant steps toward their goal of increasing visibility and sustainability within the PET packaging industry through its recent membership in the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).

Founded in 1987, NAPCOR is a trade association for the PET packaging industry that advocates for the use recycling and re-use of PET packaging, promoting the features that make it an environmentally sustainable packaging material. Tom Busard, NAPCOR Chairman, Chief Procurement Officer, Plastipak Packaging Inc. states, “We welcome Octal to the NAPCOR group and look forward to having their unique perspective at the table as we navigate PET’s challenges and opportunities.”

Executive Director at NAPCOR, Rick Moore, explains that, “PET’s reputation as a highly recyclable resin has been earned through decades of investment and effort.” In light of OCTAL’s membership in NAPCOR, Moore stated, “We are delighted that OCTAL, a company with global reputation for sustainability, has joined NAPCOR and is willing to participate in the organization efforts to expand the use of PET in packaging.”

William J. Barenberg Jr., COO, OCTAL, stated that, “OCTAL is pleased to announce that the company has become a member of the National Association for PET Container Resources.” He explains that, “OCTAL views our membership in NAPCOR as an indispensable way to become involved with other PET industry leaders, collaborating to find new and improved ways to expand PET’s competitiveness.  We intend to do our part in amplifying NAPCOR’s message around PET as the most environmentally advantage clear rigid packaging material.”

OCTAL’s partnership with NAPCOR is part of an ongoing effort to increase awareness of PET as an increasingly sustainable packaging option.  As a complement to this effort, OCTAL is commencing commercial operations in the United States by opening a new extrusion facility in Cincinnati during the later half of 2014.

OCTAL has structured its operational platform to keep the DPET flake stream pure so that it can be reprocessed back into a high-quality sheet. The U.S. facility will focus primarily on recycling PET sheet flake from its customers and other manufacturers to create a new, domestically-available product line composed of both post-industrial and post-consumer flake content, including laminates for modified atmosphere packaging.

OCTAL’s new facility, as well as its membership in an organization as influential as NAPCOR, is an opportunity to make a difference in PET packaging sustainability on a global scale. Through a combined effort of leaders in the PET packaging industry leaders, the implementation of innovative ideas and recycling practices will have a positive impact on the continued of PET resin and sheet for clear rigid packaging.

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