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Packaging Design

Nutrioli presents new packaging designed by Gentlebrand and Sidel

1:30 min Bottle development and design
San Vendemiano, Italy

Ragasa SA are carrying out a restyle of their Nutroli brand packaging. The team entrusted Gentlebrand and Sidel with the task of developing a packaging for both the visual and structural parts, which could represent the founding values of naturalness, purity, and well-being in a more modern way.

Piovan April

Heritage, Wellbeing, and Nature in a bottle

Gentlebrand designers started from Nutrioli's values and communication analysis and were inspired by its distinctive brand elements to define a new concept capable of communicating the uniqueness of the product. The result is a bottle with a rectangular shape with a very unique enhanced soy leaf decoration in the top part. This element recalls the indissoluble bond of Nutrioli with nature and improves the ergonomics of the bottle, giving a premium look & feel aligned with the market positioning. The customer's label adds the final stylish touch to an already refined bottle. It has been revised modernly to give more visibility to the logo that symbolizes Nutrioli's reliability and better blends the yellow and green colors, transmitting feelings of safety, family, nature, and well-being.

Elegant design combined with technological know-how

The uniqueness of Gentlebrand, the Italian Packaging Design agency, lies in the value proposition of providing viable packaging solutions; this thanks to the work in synergy with partners with specific technical know-how. In the development of Nutrioli, Gentlebrand worked closely with Sidel's Packaging team who took care of the structural design. The result is a bottle made taking into account the numerous challenges that the product presented, evaluating the customer's needs, the technical specifications of the available machinery and the improvements in the user experience. Thanks to Sidel Starlite Nitro technology, the final packaging, available in 400ml, 850ml, 950ml and 1050ml formats, has a high resistance and stability. Sidel also provided all feasibility tests, also testing the bottle's performance and delivering the final molds, giving all the necessary support to start production.

Launched on March 7, 2022 in the Mexican market and ready to be distributed in other countries such as the United States, the new Nutrioli packaging is already surprising consumers, generating an ever-growing interest in the brand. Nutrioli's new image has strengthened the bond with existing customers by creating an even stronger bond and has already allowed Ragasa S.A. to conquer new segments, thus expanding market penetration.

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