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Sustainable bottle design

North America: method bottles now made with 100% recycled recovered coastal plastic

San Francisco, CA, United States

method unveils new bottles now made entirely from 100% recycled recovered coastal plastic sourced through SC Johnson's partnership with Plastic Bank.

Since its founding, method has been on a mission to increase the sustainability of its product, including innovative packaging. Now, method is making all its clear plastic bottles from recycled recovered coastal plastic*, sourced through a partnership between SC Johnson and Plastic Bank. To date, the SC Johnson and Plastic Bank partnership has recovered the equivalent of 3 billion bottles that are recycled and turned into consumer product packaging, and method is excited to begin to contribute to these efforts.

Our bottles had a past life

From its inception, method has made innovative, strikingly designed packaging from recycled plastics sourced from curbside recycling programs. In 2012, method first introduced recycled recovered coastal plastic into limited edition hand soap and dish soap bottles, and now is advancing sustainable packaging by utilizing more recycled recovered coastal plastic across several home cleaning, hand soap, and specialty cleaner products. Recycled recovered coastal plastic is plastic that has been collected on land, within 31 miles of the coast, to stop it from ending up in the ocean or a landfill. Since 2018, SC Johnson has worked with Plastic Bank to create over 550 plastic collection locations across Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Brazil, where collection members are compensated for gathering plastic.

"Our partnership with SC Johnson is more than just a collaboration; it's a rallying call to businesses worldwide to step up to end poverty and stop plastic pollution. We believe that collective, incremental efforts ignite sweeping transformations. No matter how big the global waste footprint is, every step we take together for the good of our people and the planet counts," said David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank. "It's time for businesses to realize that authentic environmental and social impact can catalyze growth by genuinely winning the hearts of their customers."

Packaging for progress

Consumers in the US and Canada can purchase method's most popular products now made with 100% recycled recovered coastal plastic bottles:

  • gel hand wash
  • foaming hand wash
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • dish soap
  • foaming tub + tile cleaner
  • laundry detergent

Beyond its 100% recycled recovered coastal plastic initiative, method is committed to designing its products with the future in mind. This means not only innovating with recycled plastic products but creating products that cut down on plastic use altogether. method's all-purpose cleaner and foaming hand wash are offered in reusable aluminum bottles with recyclable glass concentrate refills, which save 96% of plastic compared to single-use bottles**.

  • all-purpose cleaner: concentrates starter kit
  • foaming hand wash: concentrates starter kit

Design with the future in mind

method is on a mission to increase its sustainability through mindful manufacturing, certifications, and partnerships. To further its goal of creating a circular economy, method launched the industry's first LEED Zero Waste project in the world according to the US Green Building Council. This factory uses renewable energy, leverages natural light to save on electricity, utilizes delivery trucks that run on a minimum of 20% biodiesel, uses its roof to grow plants for insulation and to improve heating and cooling needs, and will conserve 30 million gallons of water over five years. method also achieved various certifications and works with multiple partners to ensure it is continually innovating as a brand and with its products:

  • Forestry Stewardship Council: Paper certification to ensure better forestry management
  • Leaping Bunny: Certification against animal cruelty
  • Ellen McArthur Foundation: method partners with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to report on plastic consumption and key metrics like the use of recycled content and the recyclability, reusability, and compostability of its products

method will continue to expand its use of recycled recovered coastal plastics in the future, including updating its gel and foaming hand wash refill bottles, which will launch later this year.


*Recycled recovered coastal plastic is only used in PET bottles in North America. Recycled recovered coastal plastic is not used in bottle triggers or closures, and is not used in Stain + Odor Treatment

**Every time method's foaming hand wash bottles are refilled with cleaning concentrates

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