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Moretto’s automations at Chinaplas 2018

Moretto S.p.A. Massanzago, Italy

In April 2018, Moretto S.p.a., leading Italian provider of wide range of automations and technologies for Material Handling, Drying, Blending, Heat Transfer and Size Reduction equipment, will attend Chinaplas, important event that gathers in Shanghai the main players in the global plastics industry.

Since 1980, Moretto has been providing plastic processors with integrated systems and auxiliary equipment solutions, enabling process automation and optimization, particularly for the high precision requirements of the injection molding of PET preforms.

Moretto’s automations are the result of a continuous investment in research and fully reflects the guidelines of the Smart factory.

Today Moretto is projected towards the global market. In addition to its headquarters in Italy, the group boasts a global presence with 7 sales branches including China.

The Chinese plastic industry market has huge potential and is increasingly sensitive to new technologies. With its local branch Moretto enters in the market offering excellent solutions, know-how, pre-during and after sale service, able to promptly respond to the needs of Chinese customers and establish long-term relationships. Moretto assures its business outlook is global while its daily practices are local and responsive.

According to Moretto, Drying has always been a sector of excellence. At Chinaplas the spotlight will be focused on EUREKA PLUS and MOISTURE METER MANAGER.

Eureka Plus is a Modular, Energy-Saving, Resin Drying system, claimed to be “the most advanced low consumption drying system available on the market”. A project  born from over 15 years of studies, simulations and experiments and which continues to evolve including new tools and applications.

Eureka Plus is comprised of four Moretto-patented technologies:

X MAX high performance, modular multi-bed dryer with consistent dew point, combined with FLOWMATIK, a dynamic airflow management device, OTX drying hoppers with superior mass flow drying characteristics and now MOISTURE METER MANAGER, a revolutionary In-real and real-time moisture analyzer.

Moisture Meter Manager measures In-line the actual residual moisture content in the granule and checks that the polymer is adequately dehumidified immediately prior the transformation process.

The delta measurement between the initial and final moisture content of the pellet, at the hopper inlet and outlet, allows Moisture Meter Manager to automatically manage the dryer working conditions and to adapt the process on the fly defining process parameters for proper drying and maximum energy efficiency. This process allows the dryer to operate based on the condition of the polymer at any given time, providing a real “drying on demand“. By acquiring the initial data of the material and knowing the final moisture requested, Moisture Meter Manager holds a complete control over the process and manages all the process variables (type of material, final moisture set, hourly production, treatment temperature, specific Airflow).

Moisture Meter Manager effectively closes the loop on resin drying by integrating the dryer in an adaptive system as requested by the Smart Factory.

To complete the drying offer Moretto presents its X Dry Air mini-dryer and X Comb range, high performance machinery for the drying of small quantities of technical materials.

X Comb has been specifically designed for satisfy strict requirements of the medical sector. This dryer is composed by the OTX hopper which, thanks to its unique geometry, allows a flow of material and uniform air ensuring unmatched performance.

The hopper is realized in stainless steel and shockproof finishing Spyro, is able to treat the same amount of material requiring 40% less volume, residence time and quantity of technological air compared to traditional hoppers. The technological heart of X Comb consists of the integrated Dew Point equalizer which allows to maintain a stable dew point up to -52 ° C and high-efficiency turbo-compressors. In addition, an adaptive variable airflow and anti-stress control ensure an optimal treatment and protection against over-drying. The regeneration of the exhaust air makes X Comb dryer the perfect solution for medical and optical sector and technical applications that require cleanroom.

Kasko is the range of feeders developed by Moretto for the conveying in depression of plastic material. Realized in stainless steel, Kasko is a robust device, suitable for the most demanding jobs. Different models are proposed with capacity from 30 kg/h to 80 kg/h, for single applications or complex centralized systems.

The gravimetric dosing units of DGM GRAVIX series and the continuous loss-in-weight batch blender GRAMIXO, are Moretto’s perfect dosing solutions.

The DGM GRAVIX series gravimetric dosing units are high-tech machines, conceived by Moretto not only for ensuring incomparable precision levels (0.001%) but also for interchanging data with the possibility to be networked, for remotely managing the machine parameters and performing statistics on production, consumption and costs.

GRAMIXO inherits dosage accuracy of the Gravix series, its available in various specific models for different sectors applications (medical, flakes, high temperature, powder, micro-dosing, corrosion-proof). 

These dosers are characterized by a double eyelid system, a free weighing hopper, vibration immunity system, a super easy Touch View interface and a connection to the Mowis supervision system.

TE-KO is Moretto’s temperature control series, available in pressurized  water and oil versions, designed to ensure efficiency and absolute precision in automatic temperature control even in the most difficult conditions, whether they are dedicated to injection molds, or cylinders or rollers of extruders. Made of stainless steel they are perfectly resistant to corrosion induced by water.

MOWIS (Moretto Object Windows Integrated Supervisor)

Is the integrated self-configurable supervision system with intuitive object programming, developed by Moretto for the machine’s connection and the control of the whole automation chain in the plastics processing plants.

Mowis overcomes the barriers of traditional supervision by adapting to the needs and the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of every customer.

A modular software with unique, auto-configurable and user friendly interface which allows immediate display of the system status.

With Mowis the integrated process control is easily managed from any location, on-site or remote.

Built on SCADA system Mowis make safe and immediate the exchange of data between standard modules, taylor-made modules and the customer management system.

The Moretto’s Smart Factory is where machines are interconnected with each other and with the company management software, a system that is able to acquire large amounts of data from all the actors of the production process, elaborate, share and use them to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

The project aims to combine technological leadership with the digital one in order to obtain plants that are able to automatically adapt output to the market needs, predict breakages or machine stops in advance and have a real-time remote support. Today's challenge is to move from fragmented services to an interconnected supply chain model.


About Moretto

Moretto S.p.A. (Italy) established in 1980, researches, develops and manufactures intelligent and energy efficient products and systems for the plastics industry. Specialties are process optimization and energy reduction in processing, in particular in injection molding of PET preforms.

Moretto holds more than 165 patents and continues to invest heavily in research and development activities that are carried out by a dedicated R & D center located in the Italian headquarters.

Today Moretto is projected towards the global market. In addition to its headquarters in Italy, the group boasts a global presence with 7 sales branches including China. Moretto assures its business outlook is global while its daily practices are local and responsive.

"The challenge goes on ..." is the slogan that summarizes the company philosophy aimed to the pursuit of excellence in the field of automation for plastic processing

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