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Moretto: Preview Fakuma 2017

6:47 min Auxiliaries
Massanzago, Italy

From the 17th to the 21st of October Moretto will have the pleasure to attend the 25th edition of the Fakuma exhibition, one of the most qualified and technical fair dedicated to the plastics processing technologies.

During these 5 days Moretto, leading company in this sector, will participate with a 231mq stand (Hall B3- Stand 3208). Five days to share with visitors and customers the latest novelties and to highlight once more the Moretto’s principles and especially the values which identify the company’s activity: passion, reliability, responsibility and innovation. Highly technological products totally realized in house, offering to the customers customized solutions from the planning to the production, to the sale, and to the after-sales support in order to guarantee the maximum advantage on the investment done.

The exposition will also be an occasion to present the evolution of the Moretto 4.0 project, a smart factory concept that sees machines interconnected by each other and with ERP management software that can capture large masses of data from the production processes, process and share them to achieve higher levels of efficiency. A factory that can automatically adapt output to market needs, anticipate breaks or stop machines, have remote control in real time.

The products and the solutions of the Moretto 4.0 project enclose all this, confirming the responsiveness of a company that makes customized manufacturing as its own strength and ready to face the challenge to move the industry from fragmented services to an interconnected supply chain model.

The MORETTO 4.0 project involved all the product lines:

  • FEEDING 4.0: ONE WIRE 6, DOLPHIN and KRUISEKONTROL transportation systems. From the arrival of material to the company these products take care of the entire conveying process integrating seamlessly with business management systems and providing solutions that independently manage all parameters.

KRUISEKONTROL is the Moretto patented system for the automatic control of the speed in conveying system. It is able to optimize all the parameters involved, adapting them to the characteristics of every single material regardless of the distance to be covered or of the quantity of material to be transported.
Speed peaks elimination – There are two critical points in the transport cycle: the first one at the beginning with an empty pipeline where the granule has a strong acceleration and the second one in the cleaning phase of the pipe, due to the granule’s accelerated motion at the time of the opening of the valve for the transport cleaning. KruiseKontrol completely deletes these problems by controlling and maintaining constant the granules’ speed;
A right speed to each material – KruiseKontrol includes 40 profiles of standard materials with predefined transport characteristics and other 40 customized profiles. The user has just to select the type of material and the machine to serve, all the rest is automatic. The speed control is assured by an integrated suction unit that adjusts the granule’s speed inside the pipes;
No more angel hair, dust, pipes wear or polymer stress – the collateral effects of a conventional conveying system, considering the variables of a standard system and the speed peaks, are the generation of the angel hair, the pipes wear, the polymer stress and the dust. KruiseKontrol automatically deletes these problems by managing the transport phases and levelling the speed peaks assuring an optimal treatment of the materials and increasing the quality level of the moulded product;
Touch view control – a touch view control with object oriented programming. The user has only to choose the material type and the machine to be fed and KruiseKontrol manages the process automatically.

  • DRYING 4.0: X MAX dryer, FLOWMATIK and MOISTURE METER. Together these products ensure that the polymer treatment is completely under control, a perfect closed loop that guarantees a tangible quality, and above all, thanks to Moisture Meter, a CERTIFIABLE quality, item by item, batch by batch.

X MAX is a flexible, multi-bed drying system which ensures high efficiency and constant performance. A dryer that for the first time in the dehumidification history bypasses the limits of the existing technologies offering process, management and economic advantages.
Constant performance – a -65°C constant efficiency in Dew Point value and incomparable performance levels;
Extreme modularity – X MAX is the only dryer which grows with the company. From a basic system composed of 3 units it can be widened to 10 units with extreme facility;
Non-stop production and extended process cycles - the customer will not have to worry of production stops because even in the basic version with 3 units X MAX allows to operate without any stop production because 2 units are in process and one is in stand-by and automatically intervenes in case one of the others stops; the 3 units can be dedicated to the process and the redundancy. In this way, in case of a unit stop, a third module automatically activates and intervenes assuring continuity even in case of ordinary maintenance. The regeneration phase is done by rotation every 60 hours, an unknown interval to the conventional systems which assures very long process cycles, up to 76 hours. This structure assures a constant Dew Point of -65°C with consistent advantage in the efficiency of the treatment;
Auto-adaptive airflow - the variable airflow is fundamental to adapt to the process’ necessities preserving the polymer from thermic stress and viscosity variations;
One-power – the most of the drying systems available in the market uses compressed air and water for the cooling which covers up to 40% of the total energy expenditures of a typical industrial factory. X MAX overcomes this limit and, thanks to its particular circuit, offers to the customer a system which works without cooling water and without compressed air. The conversion valve, moreover, assures the complete recovery of the regeneration heat bringing an energy saving up to 60% compared to the conventional systems.
Touch view control – a local management PLC with a colour touch view display guarantees to the user a simple and intuitive interface. The programming requires to choose only the type of material and the throughput and the machine automatically manages constantly the process and maximizes the energy efficiency.

MOISTURE METER – is an instrument dedicated to the IN LINE measurement of the residual moisture of the plastic granule during the drying process.
Correct drying level required and certified production- an innovative, precise and constant in time instrument, able to measure the residual moisture contained in the plastic granule and to assure the certification of every produced batch:
No calibration required – Moisture Meter is calibrated in the factory and does not require any further calibration. The user just has to select the polymer to be treated and the Moisture Meter provides to check minute by minute the situation sampling every two seconds the material in process;
More than 40 memorized materials – Moisture Meter includes about 40 material profiles among the most common technical polymers such as ABS, PMMA, PA6, PA66, PEEK and much more. The setting of new profiles is also possible in an easy and intuitive way;
Optimization of energy usage: MOISTURE METER PLUS – The installation of the CROWN device in the entrance of the drying hopper assures the control of the initial moisture of the granule and it compares it with the final moisture giving a punctual control of the process quality, adapting in real time all the variables involved in the polymer’s treatment process. In this way a perfect closed loop is created among the dryer, the material and the processing machine. Moisture Meter is a device which works on the dielectric characteristics of the granule, so the readout in PPM stays constant in time, even in case of a polymer produced by different suppliers. This is the special characteristic of the Moisture Meter, a tool which comes from 7 years of studies, tests and the collaboration with two famous universities. The Moisture Meter is the only device which gives the data in PPM or in absolute percentage without the requirement to achieve the initial calibration, as it was used in the ISO language. The Moisture Meter is the moisture’s CNC device, it knows the right quote in every condition, without the requirement of the initial calibration.

  • DOSING 4.0: GRAVIX, GRAMIXO and loss in weight dosing systems. These machines are designed not only to dose but to exchange data in a networked environment, manage machine parameters remotely, run production, consumption, and costs statistics. Gramixo is particularly suitable for the production of blown film thanks to the weight-per-metre function. Gramixo includes the exclusive Vibration Immunity System technology.
  • STORAGE 4.0: SILCONTROL. This storage management system for resin material ensures the integrity of the process by directing each material element to designated storage, such as external and internal silos, bins and storage containers.  It continuously manages the data, events, and records of each storage container. An automatic and safe system which eliminates every possible human error.

Moisture Meter, Gravix, Gramixo and Silcontrol are Moretto OMS&P products (Original Moretto Systems & People) that identifies the technological content and the Italian genius represented by the ethical brand.

  • COOLING 4.0: X COOLER.  The new modular and expandable Moretto range of refrigeration and temperature control systems are able to fully integrate into cooling management systems by collecting data directly from users.
    The Moretto cooling systems are machines with a high efficiency in the cooling of industrial processes. X COOLER is tailor made, with exclusive systems which aim to the maximization of the energy efficiency by differentiating from the other systems and products available in the market.
  • SUPERVISING 4.0: MOWIS, the integrated supervision software. It represents the most comprehensive and secure SCADA  system for the supervision of processes dedicated to the transformation of plastics: real-time monitoring, in-depth analysis of increasingly interactive and predictive data and reports. MOWIS is an integrated software package able to give both input and output and it can be managed by remote control. A SCADA ready to manage  the smart factory. In the conventional machines, the sensors tell what has already happened. MOWIS controls the entire factory in an integrated way, all the automation chain and sends outputs to the system, controlling the production in real time. 1200 client is the management capacity of MOWIS. 22 specialized areas all perfectly integrated. Item-go complete connectivity, prearranged maintenance programme, report, all realized according to the ‘’smart factory’’ rules. MOWIS is already in the future.

Self-configurable – MOWIS permits the user to create the exact layout of its department without any particular programming, assuring an intuitive and immediate view;
Object-oriented interface – It assures the user a simple and intuitive management and system control activity. The immediate set up of the working parameters of every single equipment reduces the possibility of errors;
Multilingual software – MOWIS offers 10 languages by default, once selected the desired one, all the screens and the alerts will be visualized in the language chosen by the user;
Reliability – The communication with the systems takes place through a protect local industrial connection;
Monitoring of the system – Input of the working parameters of every single equipment and output with the measurement of the process data;
Report in real time – At any time the user can print the process and alarm data to prepare reports;
Open system – MOWIS gives the chance to extract and exchange the controlled data at any time;
Remote assistance – The user can receive assistance directly on their PC where MOWIS is installed with a remote connection with the modem or IP address.

MOWIS offers: complete process traceability; operator’s events traceability; 4 hierarchical operational levels; up to 4 clients servers; up to 10 50” info screens for department messages.

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