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NPE 2018

MORETTO at the NPE 2018

Moretto S.p.A. Massanzago (PD), Italy

Moretto USA, daughter company of Moretto, the leading Italian manufacturer of cutting-edge automation for plastics processing, is joining the upcoming NPE exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

In its 1200 Sq Ft booth located on the NPE’s Bottle Zone, Moretto USA is presenting MOISTURE METER MANAGER, the revolution in drying of PET resin.

Moisture Meter Manager effectively closes the loop on resin drying by In-line measurement of each pellet residual moisture.

The delta measurement between the initial and final moisture content of the pellet, at the hopper inlet and outlet allows the system to manage the dryer working conditions in order to maximize process performance in terms of energy efficiency and it certifies quality.

MOISTURE METER MANAGER answers to PET preforms current market needs : high quality standards, fitting for guaranteeing the best results in terms of structural and aesthetical properties of the blown container, together with the maximum energy efficiency through the consistent and certified final material moisture and the adaptive management of the dryer depending on the real needs of every single material batch.

Moisture Meter Manager, together with Eureka Project, realizes EUREKA PLUS the only drying system in the market, suitable to guarantee record-breaking performance in terms of quality of the process and energy efficiency.

Developed over a 15-year period of studies and testing, Eureka Plus is composed by the combination of four Moretto’s patented technologies:

the „X MAX“ modular dryer, for tailoring the investment on customer needs and an easy extension over the time, the OTX hopper, the sophisticated thermal exchanger which specific geometry allows a perfect drying treatment and reduces residence time, FLOWMATIK that automatically manages the process airflow and temperature according to the real needs of the material with no risk of any stress due to over temperature and MOISTURE METER MANAGER that closes the loop of Moretto’s drying system integrating the dryer into an auto-adaptive system as provided by the smart factory 4.0 project.

Moretto’s customers using Eureka Plus systems are benefiting up to 56% lower energy consumption than conventional drying systems.

Moretto USA
Booth: S17095 – South Hall – Bottle Zone

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