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Loop Industries and l’Occitane En Provence unveil new bottle manufactured with 100% recycled pet resin from Loop’s upgraded production

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Loop Industries, Inc., a clean technology company whose mission is to accelerate a circular plastics economy by manufacturing 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”) plastic and polyester fiber and L’OCCITANE en Provence, a global manufacturer and retailer of sustainable beauty and wellness products, today unveiled a new bottle for the brand’s Almond Shower Oil that was created through Loop’s revolutionary technology.

Loop Industries has partnered with L’OCCITANE en Provence to help meet the brand’s sustainability goal of using 100% recycled PET in its bottles by 2025. In partnership with the brand, a pilot project was executed where the iconic Almond Shower Oil bottle (excluding cap and label) was produced using 100% recycled Loop™ PET resin and was successfully carried out on L’OCCITANE production lines. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the partnership between the two companies and sets the pathway to implement Loop’s technology across other products in the brand’s assortment.

As part of this partnership with L’OCCITANE en Provence, Loop’s branding is featured prominently on the front of the packaging, with additional details speaking to the technology on the back label. The primary placement and visibility of Loop branding on the packaging is a major component of this initiative as it acts as an indicator for true circularity and the quality of the material, highlighting the bottle’s ability to recirculate in the economy infinitely, without degrading in quality. The presence of Loop branding on the packaging adds strong value as it allows the brand to make a powerful statement in sustainability and helps bring visibility to the recyclable potential of the product, supporting Loop’s mission to accelerate a circular plastics economy.

Loop is currently supplying leading consumer brand companies, including L’OCCITANE en Provence, with 100% recycled virgin-quality PET resin that is suitable for food-grade packaging and polyester fiber use through its Terrebonne, Quebec production facility. Loop has recently completed upgrades to the facility which has increased production capacity at the plant. Loop, along with strategic partners SUEZ and SK Geo Centric, plan to commercialize Loop’s technology in Europe through its planned Infinite Loop™ France facility which will help supply European consumer brands, including L’OCCITANE en Provence, with 100% recycled Loop™ PET resin to be used in products and packaging. 

Commenting on the activation, David Bayard, Packaging R&D Director at L’OCCITANE en Provence said “L’OCCITANE en Provence is very conscious of the importance of eco-design and sustainable packaging. We have been launching eco-refill products, in-store collections and recycling services and bottles made out of 100% recycled plastic for more than 13 years and are continuing to progress on this. We are proud to partner with Loop Industries, whose innovative technology will help us in achieving our target of 100% sustainable PET plastic in all our bottles by 2025. The innovative technology they provide is a game-changer that can help us play a part in addressing the growing global concern over plastic pollution.”

Daniel Solomita, Loop’s Founder and CEO, stated “We are thrilled to partner with L’OCCITANE en Provence in their journey towards sustainability and to leverage our technology with the brand, helping them progress towards meeting their 2025 goal. The integration of Loop’s branding serves as a visual reference to the infinitely recyclable capabilities of our product and technology, allowing consumers and companies alike to become active partners in our continuous efforts in establishing a circular economy for plastics. We have accomplished another exciting milestone by completing the upgrades to our plant in Terrebonne, Quebec where we are now in full production supplying global brand companies with Loop™ branded PET resin to be used in food-grade packaging and for polyester fiber use.”


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