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Large PET Containers - CYPET TECHNOLOGIES new production system for very large PET containers (1,000 Litres)

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CYPET Technologies LTD is a European manufacturer of innovative single-stage Injection Stretch Blow-Moulding (ISBM) systems, that transform PET resin directly into finished containers such as bottles, jars, jerrycans, drums and pressurized containers. CYPET serves its global customer base on all five continents from its headquarters based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with additional offices and manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad, India.

Water storage tanks

In countries where the water supply to homes is intermittent, there is a need for water storage to provide water when the water supply is interrupted. This creates a very large market for such water tanks in countries such as India, Mexico, many Latin American countries and countries in Asia and Africa. Typical sizes are 500, 750 and 1000 litres.

The first system is under construction

CYPET’s new production system is a single stage system using CYPET’s patented process where both the injection mould and the blow mould are mounted on the same clamping unit and open and close together. Both preform injection moulding and container stretch blow moulding are performed on the same machine, resulting in a system that starts with PET resin and ends with the finished container.

To cope with the challenging cubic shape of IBC bottles, CYPET has combined its expertise in preform design for large square containers with the incorporation of a special preform temperature profiling station into the large container machine, which is capable of adjusting the preform temperature in a 3-dimensional way. This capability allows the preform temperature to be adjusted in three dimensions:

  • Along preform length
  • Around the circumference of the preform
  • At specific locations on the preform

These are the result of processing experience combined with injection moulding and stretch blow moulding simulations.

The resulting process is fully automatic and consists of

  • Injection moulding of a preform
  • Opening of the moulds and the following transfers: - Removal of the stretch blow moulded container from the blow mould. - Placement of the preform from the previous cycle into the blowing mould. - Transfer of the injected preform to the temperature profiling station.
  • Moulds close for the next preform injection cycle, during which - The previously heated preform is stretch blow moulded into the container. - The previously injected preform is tempered in 3 steps

The first CYPET machine for 1000 litre PET containers is currently in production for a customer in Asia, including moulds for both water tanks and IBC bottles. First production trials are expected in Q3.


CYPET’s new production system for very large PET containers is revolutionary for the PET industry and confirms CYPET’s commitment to its vision of adding value through innovation. It opens up new horizons for PET processing and new ways of using PET for more applications in the packaging, storage and transportation of goods.

PET has been the material of choice for retail rigid packaging for many years, and in the recent past it entered the commercial packaging market. With CYPET’s unique capabilities for the production of PET jerrycans and drums, PET has recently started claiming part of the industrial packaging market by replacing HDPE containers.

The new CYPET production system enables PET to extend its reach even further, for applications of up to 1,000 L capacity, opening new markets for bulk packing and water storage. This revolutionary production method, combined with PET’s unique properties (mechanical strength, easy recyclability, transparency, smooth and glossy surface, etc) provides opportunities for very cost effective and sustainable solutions for very large containers.

The areas of application outlined above (200 L Open Mouth Drums, Water Tanks, IBC Bottles, and Liners for Returnable Liquid Bulk Packaging), illustrate the flexibility of CYPET’s new system, with the capability of producing a variety of containers for various applications on the same machine, by changing moulds. These areas of application are characterized by large volumes and can provide viable projects for this new CYPET system. However, they are not the only possibilities, as other applications can be investigated, to replace large products/containers, which are currently produced by rotational moulding or blow moulding.

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