K 2022: The Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Building a sustainable future together

1:50 min K-Show 2022Biobased Material
Tokyo, Japan

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) will present its material highlights at K 2022, the leading exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry.

The company, which has been operating under the new name Mitsubishi Chemical Group since July 2022, continues to focus on innovative and sustainable specialty materials for many industries. This is reflected by their pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

On display will be solutions that contribute to the circular economy through different approaches. Bio-based materials such as BioPBS™, VINIKA VG™ and TEFABLOC TG™ are derived from natural resources. While further materials contain recycled content such as polyester films with a proportion of post-consumer recyclate like Hostaphan® PCR.

Others are designed directly for circular use, intended to close the loop or extend a product life cycle. What all these materials have in common is that they help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Demonstrating the versatility of these sustainable solutions is the Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s stand construction itself, which incorporates a selection of these materials. For example the designer floor covering is made of bio-based PVC (VINIKA VG™).

The coffee corner on the ground floor, is made of plant-based EKOA®. This material from Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s partner Lingrove is a cost-effective CO2 neutral product that can replace wood in interior applications from fixtures and floors to furniture and walls.

But there is more to discover than just innovative materials. Young professionals and graduates can visit the careers corner to find out about and discuss entry opportunities with our recruitment team.

Mitsubishi Chemical Group at K 2022: stand FG 04.1 – a standalone building near Hall 4

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