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Inspection Technology

INTRAVIS presents new CapWatcher

Aachen, Germany

INTRAVIS GmbH presented the new CapWatcher on November 29, 2018, as part of its 25th anniversary celebration. With this new development, the inspection solutions provider for the plastic packaging industry focused on improving the inspection of key functional elements of a closure.

CEO Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann summarized the motivation behind the development of the new system as follows: "Essentially, we want to cover three criteria with the new CapWatcher: a uniform solution for testing closures with all major types of folded or unfolded tamper-evident bands, more comprehensive testing of the functional elements of the closure, and support for our vision of Industry 4.0."

In order to effectively test unfolded closures, the separation unit now incorporates a positive handling system that guides the closures from the sides. Thus, the closures are neither in the separation unit nor in the transport course exposed to any clamping forces from the CapWatcher. This ensures a high protection of the product and prevents damage to an unfolded, upright tamper-evident band. Furthermore, the new separation unit ensures an even more exact positioning of the closures, enabling a more precise and comprehensive inspection. This allows the system to collect data with the level of quality that is necessary for Industry 4.0 applications, such as self-regulating production machines.

INTRAVIS has further developed its non-contact high-voltage testing for the inspection of micro holes at the injection point area. On the new CapWatcher, this inspection is now functionally separated from the separation unit, also eliminating the need to dip into the closure.

The CapWatcher inspections have been significantly extended with respect to important functional elements of the closure. All of the inspections have been redesigned – Some improved in crucial areas, and others replaced with completely new imaging and software. Areas of improvement include the tamper-evident band, with special inspection options for unfolded bands, an evaluation of the cut quality for slit closures, a rollout of the threads to inspect for deformations, and inspections of the inner and outer seal cone. The well-proven inspection of the outer walls was retained and supplemented with a new evaluation of printed and unprinted headplates.

A special innovation is the measurement of the temperature of each individual closure at the time of inspection. This allows the dimension of the final, cooled closure to be determined using a temperature response curve.

Of course, the CapWatcher is equipped with cavity number reading to allow meaningful quality reports. It also comes with a second, freely configurable ejector. This gives the operator the flexibility to reject individual cavities, specific types of defects, or specific types of defects within a certain cavity.

As part of a large product presentation on November 29, 2018, the new CapWatcher was exclusively presented to approximately 60 high-ranking guests of the industry and the press. Initial orders for the new system were received during the presentation.

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