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INTRAVIS presents "Closed Loop" at Drinktec

Aachen, Germany

Innovative. More innovative. INTRAVIS: A vision inspection expert for the plastic packaging industry headquartered in Aachen, Germany will be represented for the first time with their own booth at Drinktec in Munich, Germany (September 11-15, 2017) this year. The vision system supplier is taking the opportunity to present a closed loop link between the vision inspection system and the injection molding machine for the first time. Euromap 82 and OPC UA interface pave the road for the 4th Industrial Revolution at Drinktec!


Industry 4.0 continues to inspire our industry. In plastic packaging manufacturing it stands for the fusion of state-of-the-art IT and current production technologies. The goal is to achieve an even higher cost and time efficiency in production as well as maintaining the highest product quality. INTRAVIS supports the latter through the most recent inspection technology including hardware and software updates. 

"Closed loop" implemented for the first time

Showcasing the Sample-PreWatcher® at the INTRAVIS booth

For the first time, INTRAVIS will also be represented with their own booth at Drinktec. After successful co-exhibitions with several partners at past Drinktec participations, INTRAVIS will have their own booth (Hall A4-344) as a go-to location for their customers. The company based in Aachen, Germany will be presenting its latest generation of the Sample-PreWatcher®. The system designed for comprehensive quality control of preforms and established both as an inline and lab system was again upgraded with multiple innovations.  The most significant upgrade is surely the new lighting concept of the Sample-PreWatcher® providing upmost quality control, especially of opaque preforms. The trend towards increased production of PET packaging and the use of different material and color mixtures is therefore optimally supported.  In addition, the dust suppression is a feature which has resulted in a very positive feedback in several applications at customer sites and is now going into series production. It allows for differentiation between real defects and damages of preforms and acceptable dust particles. False rejects due to errant dust is now a thing of the past.  For the first time, the latest developments for cavity number reading are presented to the public using the Sample-PreWatcher. The proprietary OCRX engine manages to read any cavity fonts immediately after installation. Time consuming training of the software for a font type is no longer necessary. The new OCRX engine is based on INTRAVIS's extensive experience of artificial intelligence in cavity number reading.  INTRAVIS also offers a solution paving the way for industry 4.0 at their own booth. The IntraVisualizer is a powerful analysis software, by being supplied with live measured data of the Sample-PreWatcher. The IntraVisualizer converts the measured results of INTRAVIS systems into easy-to-read graphs. It visualizes different epochs such as shifts, days or even batches. As a special highlight, trend statistics allow for prediction of the Estimated Time to Failure (ETF). This allows an early intervention in the manufacturing process preventing rejects. 

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