Inspection Technology

INTRAVIS closed loop technology „Wows“ at Drinktec

Aachen, Germany


INTRAVIS promised to introduce new ideas and innovative products at Drinktec, and they sure delivered!  At four partner booths, as well as at their own booth, the experts for quality control of plastic packaging were able to excite with innovative and new products.  The main highlight, however, was a world's first presentation of a functioning closed loop link.

Messe München, the organizer, confirmed that this year was the largest Drinktec of all time - not only in terms of the number of exhibitors, but also in visitors.  INTRAVIS GmbH, a manufacturer of vision inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry, was also very pleased with the show and positive about the results.

"Drinktec, the world's largest event in the beverage and liquid food industry, was a great success.  We had planned to set the bar high for new and innovative products, and I can say today that we have put our plans successfully into action ", says Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann, CEO of INTRAVIS GmbH.

Like many other companies, INTRAVIS also focused on the topic of Industry 4.0., however the company based out of Aachen, Germany was able to truly differentiate itself.  Together with its partner Netstal-Maschinen AG, a functioning closed-loop link between an injection molding machine and a vision inspection system was presented for the first time.  Quality parameters of on-site manufactured closures are inspected by the CapWatcher III Print.  Subsequently, the IntraVisualizer summarizes the resulting data into trends.  Markus Juppe, Director of Sales & Marketing at INTRAVIS added: "We introduced the IntraVisualizer to the market just over two years ago.  We used this time to gain experience with our customers and our partners.  The combination of IntraVisualizer and closed loop enables us to fulfill our vision for customers: "We Solve Problems.  Before They Occur."  One can say that we have reached a new level. "

The data generated during the quality control is transmitted to the injection molding machine via an OPC-UA interface, providing important information about the parameters of the closures.  If there is a persistent deviation from the specifications, the injection molding machine automatically adjusts its corresponding settings based on the data.  The products are immediately produced again within the valid quality parameters and without any loss of efficiency or productivity.  Through the closed loop link, INTRAVIS and Netstal are able to make the production of plastic packaging even more efficient and economical.

In addition to this highlight, INTRAVIS offered further innovations.  The company introduced its new IntraOne! system in Munich.  The smart camera solution was enthusiastically received by many visitors, as there has been a long-term desire to get a compact inspection solution from INTRAVIS.  Equipped with the proven IntraVision software, the IntraOne! can be used very flexibly for the quality control of preforms, closures, bottles and decorations. By entering the smart camera market, the company offers its customers a cost-effective, turn-key solution with the validatable software concept from INTRAVIS.

For the Closure market, in-house designed conveyors are now expanding INTRAVIS' product portfolio.  For the first time, the company presented a cooling conveyor as well as a cross conveyor at Drinktec.  This way INTRAVIS offers even more down-stream equipment built in-house, expanding its turnk-key offering.

However, INTRAVIS has not put its innovative strength into the introduction of brand new products alone!  Proven technology has also been improved once again, with an example being the Sample-PreWatcher shown at their own booth.  The system, which offers comprehensive quality control of preforms and is established worldwide as both an inline and lab system, has been upgrated with some innovations.  New lighting concepts for the inspection of opaque preforms, and a user interface designed to meet pharmaceutical guidelines, now expand the range of products offered by the experts based in Aachen, Germany.

At the partner booth of Husky Injection Molding Systems, another world novelty was shown.  For the first time, the PreWatcher III ran in combination with the LayerWatcher.  As a result, INTRAVIS is one of the first to implement a comprehensive 100% inspection of the visual and layer quality aspects of multi-layer preforms.

Many innovative product ideas and a big step on the path to Smart Factory - this is how the Drinktec can be summarized for INTRAVIS.  The positive feedback from many visitors also shows the company that they continue being among the world market and technology leaders in their industry.

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