The Innopas SX tunnel pasteurizer: It provides a high degree of microbiological safety. (Photo credit: KHS Group)


Innopas SX from KHS gives bottlers greater flexibility in the pasteurization process

2:40 min Filling & BottlingPasteurization
Dortmund, Germany

  • Tunnel pasteurizer with a high degree of microbiological safety
  • New functions retrofitted quickly and easily
  • Optimized spare part management
A high degree of microbiological safety: with the Innopas SX KHS GmbH provides a tunnel pasteurizer which with its modular design meets the growing demands of the beverage industry with its increasingly complex range of products and shorter market shelf lives. The systems supplier from Dortmund has also optimized spare part management for this flexible machine. The beverage market is facing increasing levels of dynamic competition, with new flavors in new packaging formats hitting supermarket shelves at ever shorter intervals. Flexibility is thus becoming more of an issue when it comes to filling. The necessary pasteurization of filled and sealed beverage containers for longer shelf lives is a decisive factor here. The completely modular KHS Innopas SX tunnel pasteurizer for cans and glass and PET bottles fully satisfies these demands.
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