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IFFCO Group strengthens production capabilities with Sidel's cutting-edge PET lines in the Middle East

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Parma, Italy

The multinational IFFCO Group, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is expanding its condiments production capacity by installing Sidel's complete PET lines in the UAE and a new facility in Iraq.

Throughout the entire project, IFFCO Group has entrusted Sidel to oversee the entire turnkey line project and ensure optimal efficiency. Sidel, renowned for providing end-to-end solutions, has tailored the complete lines around their best-selling equipment, strategically placed at each crucial stage of the packaging process.

With a wide range of leading FMCG brands and an array of industry solutions and services, IFFCO Group enriches the lives of millions of consumers and customers globally. Operating in over 100 countries, reaching customers through 80+ brands, and employing over 15,000 individuals across 49 countries, IFFCO Group has established itself as a leader known for innovation, convenience, and sustainability. Recognizing the growing demands of consumers in Iraq, IFFCO Group embraced local production and inaugurated their first factory in Baghdad, dedicated to producing top-quality condiments.

Sidel's involvement has been instrumental in providing a comprehensive and top-tier solution for both the site in Iraq and IFFCO's group factory in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, with the aim of increasing production capacity across the region. These lines boast an impressive capacity of up to 9,000 bottles per hour (bph) and the flexibility to handle three unique bottle designs, two cap options, and three label variations. By incorporating Sidel's cutting-edge equipment and through the optimal utilization of individual assets, enhanced overall efficiency has been achieved.

The upstream part of the line benefits from the compact blow/fill/cap Combi solution, which integrates Serac’s accurate weight filler. The Combi’s blowing part also benefits from preferential heating technology, which optimises PET distribution while allowing the asymmetrical stretching needed to blow flat and shaped containers.

Down the line, the AQFlex® smooth contactless accumulation and conveying system contributes to bottle integrity during the transfer from the Combi to the labeller, ensuring the container quality remains optimal when reaching retailer’s shelves. For secondary packaging, the Cermex WB46 case packer is unique for its ability to ensure perfect case squaring and hot melt sealing, despite limited counterpressure provided as a result of the shaped bottles inside the wrap-around outer packaging. End-of-line efficiency is later delivered through the affordable RoboAccess robotic palletiser, which comprises of an exclusive gripping tool capable of handling cases, interlayers and pallets.

Sidel and IFFCO Group share common values and market positions as organizations. The two companies are committed to delivering exceptional quality products and adopting a comprehensive and efficient approach in serving diverse industries such as sauces and dressings, edible oil, food, and personal care. A key focus for both entities lies in promoting sustainability throughout their operations. 

Andrey Dribny, CEO of IFFCO Group - Culinary, said: “The project management was commendable, and our collaboration proved effective in overcoming challenges. By partnering with Sidel, we benefit from their impeccable service, consistent reliability, and exceptional quality, which are vital for our daily operations. Sidel's remarkable capacity allows them to meet IFFCO's requirements seamlessly, regardless of location, circumstances or market segment.” 

With convenience and sustainability as sizable trends for condiments packaging, Sidel has also supported IFFCO Group in redesigning their current bottle range, keeping the essence and maintaining the legacy of their renowned design, but with a view of contemporising it. Easy to hold and visually pleasing to consumers, the three iconic new bottle designs have been developed with a material saving and reduction in environmental impact in mind. Additional light-weighting steps are now in place and opportunities available through the utilisation of r-PET have also been discussed. 

Mr. Dribny, concludes: “We are committed to embracing sustainability and moving beyond light-weighting efforts. Recognizing the potential of r-PET as the future, we are confident in Sidel's pioneering position in this field. Therefore, we will rely on their technological support, knowledge, and expertise to navigate our path forward.”

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