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Husky showcases breadth of solutions with two booths at Fakuma 2017

Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, kicked off its participation at Fakuma 2017 today with a presence at two separate booths in Hall A1. Highlighting its range of innovative solutions for a variety of markets, Husky’s exhibition features a booth dedicated to its Hot Runners and Controllers technology (Booth 1404), as well as a booth focused on its Specialty Packaging and Medical solutions (Booth 1434).

Piovan April

At Booth 1404, Husky’s Hot Runners and Controllers business is showcasing its Ultra Helix™ valve gates, with close to 4000 nozzles installed. Following recent investments in capacity, Husky is now in a position to broadly roll out the Ultra Helix™ valve gate to provide molders with unprecedented quality and reliability by providing the best gate quality and the longest gate life of any valve gate in the industry. At the show, Husky is introducing and demonstrating several new products, including its Altanium® Valve Gate Sequencer, an easy-to-use single unit that combines temperature and servo control, ideal for filling large, multi-gated parts. As well, the booth is displaying Husky’s new Altanium Matrix5™ and Altanium Delta5™ mold controllers. The company is also showcasing its new Ultra SideGate™ Inline, providing 18 mm gate spacing for small parts and ideal for compact molds. 

“Husky’s Hot Runners business is uniquely able to provide our customers with a wide variety of solutions that are ideal for molding a range of parts in a range of markets. Our valve gates ensure that our technology meets the high standards and complex needs of our customers,” said Stefano Mirti, Husky’s President of Hot Runners and Controllers. “We are also excited to showcase our new Ultra SideGate™ Inline, which is just another example of bringing industry-leading innovation to our customers and helping to keep them in the lead.” 

At Booth 1434, Husky is displaying a variety of injection molding solutions for the medical and specialty packaging markets. Under the Schöttli brand name, Husky manufactures precision, highly-engineered tooling for the production of plastic medical applications. On display are a variety of target medical parts that Schöttli manufactures molds for, showcasing the company’s ability to mitigate risk in the manufacturing process. As the world’s most trusted partner for consumer packaging solutions, Husky is also highlighting its range of tooling and system capabilities for the manufacture of specialty packaging, including closures and thinwall packaging, as well as its Multi-Layer Technology for packaging applications. 

“We have had great success with our Multi-Layer Technology for PET applications, and now we are excited to expand beyond PET into other types of packaging,” said Dave Morton, Husky’s Vice President of Multi-Layer Solutions. “With Husky’s high-capability solution and our ability to very precisely dose the barrier layer, we are able to offer a distinct competitive advantage to our packaging customers with a significant increase in design freedom. The possibilities are really endless, with a vast future runway of opportunities for Multi-Layer Technology, including real conversions from other packaging materials and formats.” 

Husky’s Multi-Layer Technology is an integrated solution for packaging applications that offers more flexible material properties for enhanced package design and performance, allowing customers to consider more attractive packaging options over alternative materials, such as metal cans, cartons, glass and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). With the highest ever system capability, Multi-Layer Technology can produce packages with a wide range of barrier content, while delivering up to 50% savings on barrier material costs for some applications. Multi-Layer Technology for packaging combines the benefits of Husky’s high-performing HyperSync™ system technology with an advanced melt delivery system and sophisticated controls to deliver all-new capability. This capability ensures the precise distribution of barrier material and enables design freedom across a wide range of applications. Built upon the HyperSync™ platform, Multi-Layer Technology for packaging has no requirements for special tooling or equipment, making this a drop-in solution that still benefits from all future technology advancements.

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