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Green Fiber transform over 2 billion PET bottles each year into sustainable fiber solutions

Buzau, Romania

  • As recycler and producer, Green Fiber reach significant milestone in transforming over 2 billion PET bottles per year into array of fiber products.
  • Green Fiber’s 100% recycled polyester staple fibers produce 50% less C02 emissions than virgin fiber alternatives.

Staying true to their mantra of ‘what lived once, will live again,’ Green Fiber, part of the wider Green Group family, has become a leading player in the growing circular economy by announcing the business is now transforming over 2 billion polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles each year into sustainable polyester staple fiber products for an array of industries.

Working in tandem with their sister company Green Tech, one of the most prominent PET recyclers in Europe, Green Fiber closes the circular loop by creating sustainable fibers recycled from PET bottles into polyester staple fibers which produce an impressive 50% reduction in C02 emissions, compared to virgin fiber material alternatives.

With an increased focus worldwide by businesses on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a more sustainable image, Green Fiber’s 100% recycled products have never been more important as they now offer a diverse range of industries, such as hygiene and healthcare, automotive, engineering and construction, and home textiles, the opportunity to confidently state they are seriously committed to reducing their carbon footprints.

An example of Green Fiber’s products having a significant environmental impact on an industry is the automotive sector. The company’s fibers are used throughout the interior of cars and with various commitments made by car manufacturers to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable, using Green Fiber products is no longer a nice to have but an act of responsibility due to the significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester fiber alternatives.

Alina Elena Genes, General Manager of Green Fiber, commented:

“As part of our regenerative role of both producer and recycler, we are proud to recycle over 2 billion PET bottles a year which are then transformed into sustainable fibers for an array of crucial industries.

Furthermore, as we are the largest producer of 100% PET recycled fibers in Europe with a range of products emitting 50% less in C02 emissions compared to virgin fiber alternatives, we believe it’s now essential for sustainable businesses to use our fibers if they are serious in reducing their carbon footprints.”

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