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Cosmetic Packaging

Gerresheimer: rPET cosmetic portfolio made from ocean-bound plastic

Duesseldorf, Germany | Vaerlose, Denmark

In addition to the already established cosmetics packaging made from various blends of recycled PET (rPET), Gerresheimer now also offers its cosmetic portfolio made from ocean-bound plastic.

"We are very pleased to introduce this material to our customers for their sustainability concepts. I am sure that we will now be able to address their needs even better to jointly produce sustainable packaging for care and cosmetic products," says Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice President Plastic Packaging. The packaging material is suitable for a wide range of care and cosmetic products, such as shower gels, hair shampoos, body lotions, facial cleansing products and various creams.

Niels Düring and his team perceive very clear advantages in its usage: The ocean-bound plastic consists of 100% PET and is recyclable. Since less energy must be used for recycling, the CO2 requirement for production is reduced. Consequently, recycling saves both raw materials and energy.

Gerresheimer has developed a complete dimensional analysis together with a functional test. In conclusion, there are no significant differences between ocean-bound and virgin PET material. They only differ slightly in their visual appearance related to the color tonality. Gerresheimer obtains the recycled, ocean-bound plastic from an experienced and certified partner company, which collects the material and processes it accordingly for use in production.


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