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Generation Change at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Management Board

1:20 min Management

After serving the injection moulding industry for 35 years, Gerd Liebig will complete the planned Sumitomo (SHI) Demag management transition, effective 1 September, 2024. In his nine years as Managing Director, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has become the global market leader for all-electric machines, underpinned by a strong industry focus. Mr. Liebig’s leadership tenure can be best characterised by his immense passion for the company and its employees, in addition to his steadfast allegiance to the plastics machinery industry.

"I am very grateful for the high level of support, respect and trust always shown to me by the owners, my team and colleagues. We have forged some of the strongest professional relationships, mentoring and subsequent friendships with colleagues around the world," says Gerd Liebig.

Mr. Liebig's 35 years in the industry can be marked  by major changes in the market, applications, products and competition. "I have been honoured to fulfil this important role entrusted to me. Now it is time for me to pass the reins to the younger generation and step down from my operational responsibilities at SDG," says the incumbent CEO.

Going forward, Mr. Liebig anticipates even further acceleration in technology developments. "This will require a future leadership team with extensive experience, flexibility and the strongest commitment to our customers and the market," he states.  In order to maintain this momentum and dedication to client service, the next SDG management team will be formed from within the company's own ranks.

Currently serving alongside Mr. Liebig is CFO Christian Maget and COO Takaaki Kaneko. The new management team will be characterized by competence and strong loyalty to the company and will be announced during the summer months.

"Those who know me are aware that I am not going into retirement mode with this decision - rather, I will continue to support industry activities that  give me the greatest pleasure. My commitment to combating climate change and to the energy transition is paramount," said Liebig. "I won't be retiring completely from the plastics industry, which has played an important role for more than half of my life and which I was also able to help shape to some extent. Rather, I will remain a part of Sumitomo and will continue to contribute to the Group to a limited extent and without operational responsibility."

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