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Gabriel-Chemie presents the latest trend colours in the world of plastics: COLOUR VISION N°22

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Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

Just in time for the summer to bloom, Gabriel-Chemie is launching the 22 nd edition of its coveted Colour Vision. In the world of plastics, the Colour Vision collection is considered as a source of inspiration for product and colour concepts for brand manufacturers, consumer goods and industrial designers as well as plastic processors. Every year experienced trend scouts and innovative colourists actively work on the trends of tomorrow in order to be able to create a new COLOUR VISION collection.

Colour Vision N°22

This year’s Colour Vision collection has a fresh look and offers a brand new direction on how to stage Gabriel-Chemie’s colour concept. It is characterised by beautiful colours which transfer positivity and hope yet lets all the good memories revive. Sustainability at its focus, special metallic and pearlmutt looks complement these colours. The revival of our everyday life is stepping back into the foreground.


We look ahead with a new zest for action, and meet unforeseeable challenges flexibly and imaginatively. Together we use the rapidly developing digital possibilities to intelligently optimize our ways of life. Imaginative and curious, we explore what is new and colourful before us. The recyclable material plastic not only plays a major role as a component of modern product design, but above all as a recyclable, sustainable and intelligent resource in the interests of our environment. The colours of this trend series are animated by good memories and equipped with fresh optimism and serve as shining companions in a carefree season.

Ulf Trabert, Corporate Business Development Manager Decorative Solutions adds: „“Revival-Hope is more important than words can express. We encounter unforeseeable challenges in all situations without going into too much detail. The revitalization of our daily life and working world is in the foreground and must be designed flexibly, imaginatively with fresh optimism and hope for tomorrow. The colours chosen are consistent with something personal and optimistically forward-looking.”

9 Colours to be inspired by

Whether the “candy pink” colour accentuates the positive direction of the future or the new “oriental dream” will put you into oriental nights and inspire your adventurous inner you. One is certain, all nine vibrant colours stand out exceptionally and are the treasures of 2022.

Colour trends at Gabriel

New innovation topics are worked out annually through the analysis of new colour trends from different industrial sectors and the consideration of social influences in the market. These issues are visualised using lens plates.

Gabriel-Chemie is characterised by its specialisation in colours, surfaces and materials, and its ongoing research on social developments and colour trends. Specialeffect pigments refine the colours, giving them a new value.

The Austrian family company is a specialist in the formulation and manufacturing of colours and additive masterbatches for colouring, finishing and technical optimisation of thermoplastic materials. Individual colour settings are created taking into account customer-specific requirements, commercial wishes, and technical specifications.

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