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On the Way: Future proof PET packaging

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Regensburg, Germany

Dear Reader,

At the PETnology conference in 2010, I titled my keynote “Are We Green Enough?” - and I didn’t only get positive feedback at the time. We as PETnology should focus on PET technology and not on polluted seas. As engineers and technicians, we know what the answer to this question has produced in terms of creative, innovative ideas and developments in materials, machines and processes along the entire value chain. Sustainability, climate protection and CO2 emissions are without a doubt the innovation drivers in our industry.

At this year’s conference, the virtual Pack Passion Week in March, we could see how much sustainability requirements leads to innovative strength in all areas of our industry. The creativity and the solutions presented in 19 lectures whet the appetite for Drinktec and K show.

Creating a sustainable, low-carbon, circular economy for PET bottles that eliminates the need for virgin, fossil-based PET could one day become a reality - and a future-proof packaging should be the goal of the entire industry, said Dr. Stefan Kunerth from Coca-Cola at the Pack Passion Week 2022. Partnerships are more than helpful, and an understanding of the individual process steps along the entire value chain is required. This is where PETnology’s connecting comPETence concept comes into play: presentation and discussion of developments, not only on the suppliercustomer level, but also on the supplier-supplier or supplier-competitor level.

The industry is continuously reducing packaging weight, increasing the percentage of recycled PET, working towards the availability of recycled PET and improving bottle-to-bottle recyclability through more and more accepted packaging design guidelines. On the machine side, we see improvements in existing packaging technologies and machines, new block concepts in the high-performance range and their positive impact on the specific CO2 footprint.

Our industry is capable of achieving a circular economy, the technologies are available. In addition, we must continue to develop new packaging solutions, install collection systems around the world and work on even more advanced recycling technologies.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto Appel

PETnology/tecPET GmbH

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