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(Photo credit: Friesland Campina)

Sustainable labels

FrieslandCampina’s cups now recyclable thanks to new label

Amersfoort, Netherlands

FrieslandCampina introduces sustainable labels for yogurt and soft curd cups as from July 2021. This concerns the yogurt and soft curd cups from the brands Campina, Optimel and Mona (450 g and 500 g). The solution developed by our Research & Development department makes over 400,000 kilograms of cups recyclable. Following the recent introduction of 100% recycled PET bottles, this is a next step towards circular packaging.

Previously, the cups could not be recycled as a whole, because during the waste sorting process the machines did not recognise the label around the cups as ‘recyclable’. Patrick van Baal, Global Director Packaging Development at FrieslandCampina: “Now we have found a solution for this. With the new labels around our yogurt and soft curd cups we make sure that these packages are correctly recognised and sorted for recycling in the existing recycling processes and do not end up in the residual waste flow for energy recovery. The cups can now be recycled for new applications.”

Recycle 400,000 kilograms of cups

One of the objectives of the sustainability programme of FrieslandCampina Nourishing a better planet is to make better packaging that is 100% circular and CO2-neutral, while minimising the amount of packaging material. Van Baal: “For FrieslandCampina making over 400,000 kilos of cups recyclable clearly contributes in making our entire packaging portfolio reusable and/or recyclable in the year 2025.”


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