FILTEC launches new Remote Vision Inspection (RVI) Systems

Los Angeles, CA, United States

FILTEC, a provider of in-line inspection solutions for the food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries, announced the launch of Remote Vision Inspection (RVI) systems.

FILTEC's RVI systems are incredibly compact and flexible machine vision solutions that inspect PET bottles, glass bottles, and aluminum cans for a number of applications, including:

Date Code InkJet or Laser Presence on the bottom of cans, neck of PET and glass (Inkjet), or top and sides of bottle caps

  • Barcode Traceability on bottles and cans to match the correct brand with barcode
  • Simple Label Inspection on bottles to inspect for presence, position, and pattern match
  • PET and Glass Bottle Closure – Missing, high, or cocked cap and major Tamper Band defects
  • Fill Level Inspection for PET and glass bottles
  • Lid and Tab Inspection for cans
  • Seam Damage Inspection on aluminum cans

"What makes RVI so unique is that the systems use modern vision inspection capabilities in a very compact and flexible package," says FILTEC Chief Commercial Officer, Matthew Trowbridge. "Many of our customers have struggled with adding quality assurance to their lines due to lack of space, and RVI systems mitigate that problem."

FILTEC RVI systems run on INTELLECT – an intelligent, interconnected platform for FILTEC's inspection solutions.

"Because RVI systems are part of the INTELLECT ecosystem, this allows your production lines to be scalable and future-proof," explains Dave Coleman, FILTEC Product Management Director. "You can add new FILTEC inspection capabilities to your line over time, and they will be inter-connected thanks to INTELLECT."

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