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FENC is the 1st company to receive Letter of Non-Objection by Taiwan FDA for post-consumer recycled PET into food-contact packaging

Taipei, Taiwan

Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC), a recycling polyester producer, has been devoted to achieve circular economy for more than 30 years. 

On Dec. 1st, 2022, FENC rPET was awarded Letter of Non-Objection by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (Taiwan FDA) for food-contact packaging applications, becoming the 1st producer in Taiwan to achieve this accomplishment.

It has been a global trend to boost circular economy and improve resource utilization. Taiwan FDA referred to US FDA, EU EFSA and other international safety assessment principles and issued “Recycled PET resin for food-contact packaging directive” in May, 2022. This include the evaluation of the manufacturer’s technologies to wash, shred, melt and decontaminate when producing recycled PET resin, which are in compliance with food contact packaging.

Based on sustainable governance and environmental protection principle, FENC has been processing PCR PET bottles for high valued applications since 1988.  FENC has been recognized by global beverage brands as their sustainable and reliable partner on their road toward green mission.

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Taiwan has a robust recycling system with PET bottle recycling rate over 95%. FENC is the worldwide Top 3 food grade rPET producer, and the first to received Taiwan FDA Letter of Non-Objection. We will continue providing high quality food grade rPET by operating cutting-edge recycling technologies with years of experience and help fulfill plastic circular economy in Taiwan.

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