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100% PCR film

Evertis' presents Ecopack™ 0 PET film

Portalegre, Portugal

Evertis' launch of the Ecopack™ 0 film has marked a significant milestone in sustainable packaging. This high-performance co-extruded PET film is crafted entirely from 100% PCR (recycled) content, aligning with Evertis' unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Approved by ANVISA for direct food contact applications, the Ecopack™ 0 film combines sustainability with superior transparency and gloss properties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of packaging needs.

One of the standout features of Ecopack™ 0 is its versatility. Not only is it easy to thermoform, ensuring efficient packaging processes, but it can also be recycled multiple times after use, reducing its environmental footprint. Evertis remains steadfast in its dedication to society and the environment, and with Ecopack™ 0, they continue to push the boundaries of sustainable packaging, all while delivering the highest quality products to their valued customers.

Announced for the first time at Fispal Tecnología 2023, in Sao Paulo, Evertis Brasil has once again demonstrated that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, setting new standards for the industry and reinforcing its position as a trusted partner for businesses in the food and beverage sector.

Evertis' commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility is an inspiration to all, and the launch of Ecopack™ 0 represents another leap forward in the company's mission to develop future-fit PET solutions for a more sustainable packaging industry.

Evertis Brasil, PET packaging market leader in Brazil, with local production since 1999, made a resounding impact at Fispal Tecnología show, the largest and most prominent technology gathering for the food and beverage industries. This year’s edition, held in Sao Paulo in June , attracted over 44,000 visitors, reaffirming its status as the premier event in the sector.

Evertis Brasil proudly participated as an exhibitor, showcasing their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in packaging solutions. The company's 54-square-meter booth became a focal point for clients, industry professionals, and visitors eager to explore Evertis' impressive product portfolio, especially with the launch of Ecopack™ 0.

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