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Granted - with the cover of THREE: 19, we let ourselves be carried away to emotions. Feelings that have been so prevalent lately when it comes to plastic packaging and the environment and waste. Emotions that technicians and engineers can not always handle easily. However, marketing, including in the beverage industry, thrives on emotions, and so it may not be surprising to some in the industry that the can is making a comeback in the circle of PET discussions. However, with the knowledge of all the sustainable developments of PET in the last 15 years, I shudder at the thought.

Can it be? - NO!

It ran for years in the area of PET packaging. Despite many discussions. But now there is an unbalance - not caused by technology, but by human imperfections. We have to solve that. It can not be that the can becomes – by the back door – becomes again acceptable as an alternative beverage packaging.

In the future, the economic success of a company of the filling and packaging industry not only requires a successful fusion of the digital world with the worlds of production and filling processes, but also successful communication, socially reasonable sustainability strategies and the involvement of consumers in a functioning circular economy - and this in all regions the earth.

Can it be solved? – YES!

Not only in our world of packaging are plastics indispensable: resource conservation and product protection are just two of the key arguments. The dark side is well-known: Marine littering and plastic waste are on everyone’s lips. Yes, this is a problem, along with other issues of the century such as climate change, mobility, water supply - big challenges of our time.

To face these challenges requires courage and a creative engineering spirit. The industry has both. And in this issue, not only the Sipa interview (p. XX) provides evidence. The next comPETence editions will focus on how the industry is positioning itself. Stay true to us.

I wish you a successful K-fair and many impulses for a sustainable future.

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