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PRESSCO - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: Pressco will showcase their newest vision inspection solutions

Cleveland, OH, United States

Pressco Technology Inc. is pleased to once again participate at Drinktec. Pressco plans to showcase their newest vision inspection solutions for companies that manufacture and fill food and beverage containers.

The strength of Pressco’s scalable, modular platform lies in its ability to deliver a wide range of inspection options across an entire blow-fill line. In the blowmoulder, Pressco offers a combination of camera modules which detect defects on the preform and/or the empty bottle, including virtual section weight measurement which is vital to process control. On the filling side, Pressco’s solutions include a multi-camera system for filled bottle inspection to detect mis-applied closures, tamperband defects and under/over-filled bottles. Additional inspection options may be deployed at the cap feeder, labeler, and date coder.

These inspection capabilities are controlled via a single centralized processor with one or more HMIs, which eliminates the inefficiency of multiple platforms from different suppliers. Pressco’s integrated system of distributed inspection means that one vendor can provide sales & service, training, technical support, spare parts, etc. on the entire vision system.

Another distinct advantage to Pressco’s INTELLISPEC family of inspection systems is the ability to collect and export valuable data. With the rapid adoption of Industry 4.0, manufacturers rely on a wealth of real-time data to optimize production processes, reduce downtimes and achieve maximum OEE. Pressco supports Industry 4.0 initiatives via robust data management and output tools so that both real-time and historical process data is available instantaneously. Expanded connectivity options utilizing OPC-UA facilitate data exchange with manufacturers’ statistical analysis programs.

Pressco will have live demonstrations of their “up-and-down-the-line” inspection capabilities for H2O, CSD, Hot Fill and Aseptic lines, and they will be pleased to discuss customers vision needs.

Pressco at drinktec: Hall A4

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