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The name Dekron – a subsidiary of Krones AG, the leading manufacturer of packaging and filling technology – stands for ‘decoration’ and ‘Krones’. And as its name indicates, the company pools the entire product portfolio of the Krones Group in the field of digital decoration technology.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Krones AG since 2018, Dekron offers a diverse range of solutions for the industrial application of direct printing technology. The company is based in Kelkheim, near Frankfurt am Main.

Krones’ involvement with digital decoration technology began back in 2006, with the aim of giving beverage and liquid food manufacturers a high degree of flexibility in the design of their product packaging, as well as by way of a rapid response to changes and trends in the market.

Today, more than a decade after those first steps in digital direct printing technology, a technology portfolio has emerged that covers a wide range of market requirements and is focused on industrial use.

By combining and precisely coordinating different process characteristics, digital decoration can be applied to a large variety of materials and container shapes. Whether glass, HDPE or PET, cylindrical or shaped containers, Dekron offers the right solution for every application.

The digital revolution now in progress will bring increasing customisation, even of mass-produced consumer goods. There will be completely new opportunities to stand out from the mass of competing products. Possibilities include custom packaging for special events and personalised, customerspecific decoration. Embossings and debossings can be printed for a fascinating combination of look and feel. Ever smaller batch sizes with high product variety and speed to market are increasingly important catchwords for the beverage and food industry.

Sustainability also plays a key role in Dekron’s digital direct printing. The carbon balance is positive because no label material is used. No labels means no inventory. Containers are decorated right on the line with the ability to switch artwork within seconds during production.
Dekron offers the right machine technology from the outset, a mature business case model and an all-round package to customer specification.

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