Covestro opens learning center of plastic innovation for sustainability to promote awareness about plastic waste management among children

Leverkusen, Germany

Covestro, one of the leading suppliers of premium polymers, officially launched its Learning Center of Plastic Innovation for Sustainability. The centre’s primary objective is to provide an out-of-classroom platform to Thai children to learn about importance of proper plastic waste management and the circular economy concept. Students who visit the center will be able to gain information on plastic recycling that lies on the concept of circular economy which becomes practically important nowadays, increasing their awareness and knowledge of some key issues related to the overall sustainability agenda in a fun and hands-on way.

“This CSR project is part of Covestro’s wider ambition to create additional value for the society. With the learning center the company aims to contribute to supporting Thailand on its journey towards the circular economy in full alignment with the company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly production.”

“Young generation is one of a crucial driver to transform our world to become more sustainable in the future. Therefore, we really need to seed the sustainability and circularity mindset to the children and Covestro is committed to support this in everyway we can as our company’s purpose is “To make the world a brighter place”, said Dr.Timo Slawinski, Managing Director of Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sustainability is a core element of Covestro’s mission and an integral part of its strategy. As a company which lives and breathes innovation and wants to grow with products and technologies that benefit society and reduce the impact on environment, Covestro sets sustainability targets which extend beyond its immediate operations , for example, the company aims to become climate neutral by 2035 and want to become fully circular along the value chain. This commitment to sustainability goes beyond declarations and has been confirmed in many projects in which Covestro has been able to realize trailblazing ideas.

The company is promoting its commitment by expanding the basis of raw materials, continuously optimizing the production process in all the plants, and enabling its customers to design their production processes in a more efficient and sustainable manner. Almost all innovations by Covestro follow the aim of bringing together the economy and environmental aspects to benefit the environment and support customer’s business success.

In its operations in Thailand, Covestro also adheres to sustainable production and demonstrates its sustainability stance. Its Map Ta Phut site fully supports the global sustainability agenda with multiple initiatives. For example, the company is now using biodiesel instead of gasoline in its on-site logistical operations. By switching to this clean-burning alternative fuel generated from renewable resources, the company reduced its carbon footprint along the value chain. The production site can now apply mass-balanced approach which is certified by international organization - ISCC PLUS to produce the products for almost entire site. The company is also currently planning to apply renewable energy in manufacturing processes with the expected benefits of reducing water and air pollution.

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