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“Thank God,” according to many designers, “there are still brands that value sophisticated design.” If one refers to this statement in PET packaging, it brings to mind images of beverage bottles, for example for mineral water, juices or modern, zeitgeisty drinks. In my mind, I also see bottles from the shelf for household and cosmetic products. What is changing? Where is the journey going? What will remain are the high demands on product protection and convenience. When we think about the lightest bottle segments - especially water bottles - the individual design is completely subordinated to the technical requirements today. What role do individuality and differentiation play in the environment of eCommerce and Circular Economy? Is the trend going towards a standard look? Then the decoration of the bottle is facing a great future. In this issue, comPETence will focus on this topic. Something is happening in the field of single-stage machines. We spoke with Bernhard Schulte of BBM, who, as an extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer, has discovered the single-stage process for himself and is launching a nearly fully electric machine. His motivation and his motives are the focus in our interview. Does it always have to be 100% control? The question of synergies and the resulting advantages has led us to a discussion in Switzerland with the companies M.Tanner and IMD vista. Find out interesting, surprising and visionary approaches on handling, processes and inspection. Last but not least, I would like to draw your attention to our new conference: The first PETnology Americas will take place June 25-26 in Atlanta, USA, in cooperation with our partner, The Packaging Conference, connecting comPETence – to keep PET packaging ahead.
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