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At the BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg, the KHS Group and Ferrum AG announced their intention to enter into cooperative relations. KHS GmbH is now planning to acquire an interest in Ferrum Packaging AG. (Photo credit: KHS)


Bundled competence in the can sector: KHS and Ferrum further expand their long-standing cooperation and seal their partnership

2:70 min Markets and Management
KHS GmbH Dortmund, Germany

  • Combination of internationally acclaimed filler technology (KHS) and can seaming technology (Ferrum)
  • KHS acquires participation in Ferrum Packaging AG
  • Well thought-out block solutions for the worldwide can market
  • Comprehensive one-stop-shop services

The KHS Group and Ferrum AG are intensifying their longstanding cooperation. Pending approval from antitrust authorities, KHS GmbH will be acquiring a stake in Ferrum Packaging AG. The aim is to optimally bundle the competencies of both machine-engineering companies to form a common system portfolio in the interest of providing integrated customer systems. At the same time, customers will also benefit in the future from well thought-out, one stop-shop services.

The KHS Group and Ferrum AG have been working together extremely successfully in the can segment for years. Dortmund full-service provider KHS values most of all its Swiss partner's innovative machine technology and its expertise based on many years of experience, emphasizes Martin Resch, CFO in charge of purchasing at KHS. “Ferrum AG is the worldwide well-known manufacturer of can seamers. Combined with our future-oriented solutions in the field of filling and packaging technology, we form an effective union that is valued highly in the market."

The two engineering companies are now intensifying their cooperation even further. Ferrum Packaging AG was founded as a subsidiary of Ferrum AG and incorporates Ferrum's entire worldwide can seaming business. KHS will be acquiring minority ownership in Ferrum. At the same time, Ferrum Packaging Inc., the US subsidiary of Ferrum Packaging AG, will be taking over KHS’ can seaming business together with its employees and will be integrating it into the joint offer.

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