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Brueckner Group USA announces acquisition of a new, significantly larger headquarters in Dover, NH

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Siegsdorf, Germany

By the end of 2022 the new facility will serve the local customer base better, enhance capabilities in the North American market.

In the area of plastics and fiber machinery, Brueckner Group USA, Inc. sells, services and supports the Brückner Group product portfolio in North America, operating as a separate, independent entity. The product range includes:

  • Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec, focused on production lines and services for the film stretching industry
  • Kiefel, thermoforming, molded fiber, automation, tooling joining and medical technology
  • PackSys Global, lines for manufacturing plastic tubes, as well as folding and slitting machines for plastic caps

Purchased in December 2021, the new headquarters in Dover, New Hampshire, enables Brueckner Group USA to strengthen and grows their activities in the North American market. The new location will be ready to move in by the end of the year. It offers 72,000 sqft of space compared to the 20,000 sqft in the previous premises (in Portsmouth, NH) and includes an additional14-acre lot for future expansion.

The focal point of the building will be the tech center with several full-scale production machines and services for

  • Kiefel’s plastic and fiber thermoforming technology
  • Brückner Maschinenbau’s KARO 5.0® lab stretcher as well as a Brückner Servtec workshop for clip & chain refurbishment
  • Additional lab machines to further local R&D in cooperation with customers and universities

The machinery in the tech center will allow for operator training before the arrival of new equipment at the customer site. The larger building also offers additional spare parts storage as well as clip & chain and tool refurbishing.

Matt Sieverding, President/CEO of Brueckner Group USA says: “The new, much larger facility will allow Brueckner Group USA to bring additional capabilities to the important North American market. Accelerated by the COVID Pandemic the reshoring trend of manufacturing requires the suppliers to also shorten their support lines. Based on this, Brueckner Group USA has more than doubled its sales and service team over the last 2 years. With over 35 service techs to support our Brueckner, Kiefel and Packsys Global product lines we are leading the industry.

The new tech center will add in-market training capabilities for a wide range of products to our toolkit. This goes hand in hand with the build-up of a process engineering team that will allow us to optimize customer equipment and offers the possibility to develop customer specific processes in Dover, NH. The new HQ is visible statement that Brueckner Group believes in the positive future of the North American market.”

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