Brückner Group: “KARO® 5.0” laboratory stretching machine in demand as never before

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Siegsdorf, Germany

Almost two years after the presentation of Brückner's further developed laboratory stretching machine "KARO® 5.0" is enjoying increased demand and further expands its dominant position in lab-stretching equipment. Leading universities, raw material producers and film manufacturers in innovation nations such as the USA, South Korea, Japan or China are focusing their attention on expanding their research and development measures and thus also on Brückner's technologically mature "all-rounder". For example, to do extensive research with the upcoming high-demand material BOPE for more sustainable mono-material recycling packaging. Their goal: to secure a leading position in the increasingly competitive world market.

The "KARO® 5.0" laboratory stretching machine can help in a very simple and economical way to test films in both sequential and simultaneous stretching modes. The advantages are far-reaching:

  • Development of new film recipes and materials
  • Test of new skin layers and additives
  • Identification of process conditions
  • Generation of stress strain curves
  • Evaluation of film properties from stretched samples
  • Quality insurance for raw materials
  • Small batch production

The possibilities are versatile. Thanks to the new user interface, the machine control is intuitive and simple. The precise film temperature by ventilated air enables homogeneous film samples. Improved insulation and temperature separation between the different oven zones also guarantee perfect process control and stable film quality during test series. The movable stretching system creates very similar conditions to production lines and thus comparable production conditions. With its good accessibility of all plant components, the "KARO® 5.0" enables simple and short maintenance intervals and a resulting high availability - thus the best precondition for successful research and development activities.

"The increased activities in the R&D area are also noticed at our research and technology centre. The laboratory stretching machine installed here is fully booked for months," reports Sebastian Ruhland, Senior Sales Manager at Brückner Maschinenbau. The Brückner Technology Centre operated at the Siegsdorf site offers comprehensive possibilities for the analysis and development of polymer films for all types of film stretching technologies.


(Photo credit: Brückner)

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