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(Photo credit: Berry Global/NEUE Water)

Bottle design

Berry creates unique rPET bottle for new sustainable luxury brand

Evansville, IN, United States

A new luxury artesian mineral water is being packaged in a bottle using exclusively 100% recycled PET (rPET) bottles*, manufactured by Berry Global.

Piovan April

NEUE Water has been consciously conceived for today’s modern, on-the-go lifestyle. As well as its recycled content, the unique ergonomic flat shape of the bottle enables it to fit easily into pockets, bags and seatback storage in planes and trains. Equally important, the bottle’s sturdy construction makes it suitable for refilling for multiple use, and it can be recycled at its end of life.

Berry’s technical expertise and its longstanding experience in using recycled plastic were both critical in realising the original design concept from NEUE Water’s founder Michael Lowers. The flat shape challenged the injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) process for traditional PET bottle manufacture, and Berry successfully adapted the technology in order to accommodate the new design.

The attractive bottle shape also features an uninterrupted convex window on one side, that magnifies the label area for the six limited-edition artist labels to deliver an eye-catching product on shelf. The artwork will continue to change around the fashion seasons. The inaugural collection features six vibrant one-of-a-kind prints by Berlin-based artist Studio Raaad.

“In launching NEUE Water, we are improving the carbon impact of the historical packaging materials for mineral waters,” said Michael Lowers. “Our water allows consumers to hydrate consciously on the go, with a bottle that uses no new plastic and is recyclable. In this way, we are championing the move to a more circular economy.

“Bringing the bottle design concept to life was not easy, but the team at Berry rose to the challenge and have been hugely supportive throughout the project. The end result is brilliant – a fantastic looking bottle that perfectly combines style with sustainability.”

NEUE Water is drawn from one of only two artesian wells in Denmark, which is renowned for a soft, rounded flavour. It is bottled just metres away from the source, enabling a low impact production. In the months since its launch, NEUE Water sold out within its first week of launching at Harrods, and won multiple awards, including gold for design at the Fine Water Society’s annual Taste and Design Awards, and a Good Brand Award from Sublime Magazine for Advancing Social & Environmental Sustainability.

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