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Berry announces new, global center of excellence and circular innovation hub in Barcelona, Spain

Evansville, IN, United States

Berry Global will begin developing its International Center of Excellence and Circular Innovation Hub in Barcelona, Spain as early as third quarter 2023.

Leveraging the company’s unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise, the new, centrally located center of excellence will:

  • Give international customers and partners access to a new generation of circular products and industry leading research and development experts; 
  • Create a collaborative space for innovative product design tailored to customers’ unique sustainability goals; and
  • Generate new job opportunities and support Berry’s global diversity and inclusion strategy by employing talent from across Barcelona, one of Europe’s most culturally diverse cities.

“The ability to access innovative, sustainable packaging solutions is more important than ever as our customers across the globe strive to shift to a circular, net-zero economy,” said Jean-Marc Galvez, President of Consumer Packaging International. "By creating a focused, educational, and collaborative space to push the limits of circular innovation, our new center in one of the most dynamic regions across Europe in Catalonia, Spain will help customers meet their ambitious sustainability goals while expanding Berry’s talented and diverse workforce.”

Berry’s new center will support the development of innovative, Bmore Circular Solutions that advance a pathway to circularity by increasing the use of recycled content, minimizing waste, and improving recyclability. The center will also facilitate new project work supporting circularity with customer collaborations. Including an interactive learning space, visitors will be able to view Berry’s latest sustainable products and discover advances in resin material science, manufacturing, and design for reuse and recyclability.

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Strategically placed in one of Europe’s most culturally diverse and innovative cities, the new center will be the new workspace for over fifty team members from across Barcelona with the intention to increase its staffing according to business needs and customer collaboration. This will support Berry’s commitment to building and maintaining a high-performing, talented, and diverse workforce that is reflective of its communities. The center will also serve as a hub for international collaboration due to its close proximity to Barcelona’s international airport, which is a centralized travel location for Berry’s European customers and home to several U.S. airport hubs.

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