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Recycling Material for Barrier Bottles

BarrierGuard® OxygenSmart™ earns How2Recycle® widely recycled designation

Memphis, TN, United States

Ring Container Technologies announced BarrierGuard® OxygenSmart™, a technology designed to protect both product freshness and the environment, has met the standards for the How2Recycle® "Widely Recycled" label.

BarrierGuard® OxygenSmart™ is the first oxygen-additive barrier bottle technology that allows ketchup bottles to be designated as widely recycled, offering superior clarity and making it possible to meet consumer demands for more sustainable packaging. It's 100% recyclable, patent-pending and proprietary technology uses less material without sacrificing protection and can incorporate more than 50% recycled content without compromising shelf life.

"OxygenSmart™ enables customers to achieve up to two years of shelf life with optimized technology that drives down overall costs," said Tim Ferrel, Vice President of Business Development at Ring Container Technologies. "The customizable barrier allows them to further optimize profits by tailoring the barrier level to deliver an optimal shelf life."

BarrierGuard® OxygenSmart's™ How2Recycle® "Widely Recycled" label, with broad acceptance in curbside programs, reduces the need to create new material from fossil feedstock due to the circular benefits of readily recycled, highly reusable PET.

"Ring values sustainability and recyclability, and this technology can incorporate rPET without impacting the barrier performance," said Paul Kelley, Vice President of Product Development at Ring Container Technologies. "Once again, Ring is disrupting the industry – this time with new technology that protects both product freshness and the environment."

(Source: PR Newswire)


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