Avantium and Monosuisse sign offtake agreement on PEF for industrial fibres

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Avantium, technology company in renewable chemistry, and Monosuisse, producer of a wide variety of synthetic monofilaments for industrial use, have signed an offtake agreement giving Monosuisse access to PEF (polyethylene furanoate) made from FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid) to be produced in Avantium’s planned FDCA Flagship Plant.

This world’s first commercial facility for the manufacture of FDCA from plant-based sugars is currently under construction in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, and Avantium expects to start production in 2024. Monosuisse will purchase PEF for the use in monofilament yarns, which can be used in a broad range of industrial applications.

Avantium’s PEF is a 100% plant-based and fully recyclable polymer with a wide range of applications such as packaging, film and textiles. In addition to packaging materials made from PEF, Avantium is increasing its focus on the development of PEF for fibres and yarns.

For many years, Monosuisse has been committed to sustainability in all areas of production. The company focuses on reduction of waste, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, as well as reducing its carbon footprint. Sustainability is a criterion for the choice of its suppliers. To this end, Monosuisse and Avantium have joined efforts in the development of PEF-based monofilament yarns, which resulted in a positive evaluation of the performance of PEF-based monofilaments. Monosuisse has now signed an offtake agreement and will further develop sustainable and highperformance PEF-based monofilament yarns for commercial introduction when the Flagship Plant is operational.

“We are impressed by the potential and performance of PEF in monofilament yarns. Beyond its sustainable advantages, such as being 100% plant-based and fully recyclable, PEF is spinnable in the existing spinning lines without any hurdle or further investment”, states Philipp Kohler, Chief Technology Officer at Monosuisse.

Bas Blom, Managing Director of Avantium Renewable Polymers, comments: “We are very pleased with the offtake agreement from Monosuisse. It shows that PEF has great potential as yarn in various applications. The decision of Monosuisse to use PEF for monofilament yarns means the opening of a new market for our high-quality, plant-based polymer.”

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