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APR and RecyClass celebrate a year of collaboration to improve plastics packaging circularity

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Brussels, Belgium

Commitment to drive global harmonization of Design for Recyclability Guidance

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and RecyClass celebrate a successful first year of collaborative efforts to accelerate global alignment of Design for Recycling Guidance with the publication of a report detailing accomplishments and key milestones.

The APR-RecyClass Cooperation Report highlights the multiple alignments achieved between the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability and RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines, showing the commitment of the two associations to develop recyclable solutions for plastic packaging innovations worldwide.

Leadership from both APR and RecyClass have expressed their enthusiasm for the progress made during last year.

"This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our shared mission to harmonize recycling practices globally and promote the adoption of circular plastic packaging solutions." commented Paolo Glerean, Chairman of RecyClass.

“As the partnership between APR and RecyClass enters its second year, both organizations remain steadfast in their commitment to driving innovation, promoting best practices, and facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable, circular economy.” added Steve Alexander, APR President & CEO.

With a comprehensive focus on recycling streams commonly addressed by both organizations, including HDPE, PP, PE flexible packaging, and PET, the collaboration has enabled the execution of common recyclability tests, generating robust scientific data that serves as a baseline for future harmonization efforts.

Throughout the collaboration, APR and RecyClass have actively engaged in the Technical Committees of both organizations. This has facilitated the open exchange of testing results and activities, fostering a culture of transparency and cooperation.

Looking ahead, multiple workstreams and testing campaigns are underway to reinforce the results already achieved in providing a unified, fact-based approach to recyclability, and clarity to the whole value chain.

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