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Amcor unveils PET bottle concepts and collaboration with Garçon Wines

Melbourne, Australia

New concepts in PET bottles are the next big thing in wine and Amcor is unveiling its most recent designs at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. In addition to custom designs, Amcor is announcing its collaboration with British multi award-winning start-up Garçon Wines to make their signature and more sustainable flat wine bottles available to the U.S. market. Amcor’s polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and Garçon Wines’ flat wine bottles will be on display at booth A111.

Piovan April

“We know today’s wine consumers are looking for a unique experience,” said Beth Rettig, vice president of spirits, wine and food, Amcor Rigid Packaging. “Amcor’s concepts are sleek, modern and perfectly matched to today’s lifestyle requirements for convenience and sustainability. PET bottles are unbreakable, beach- and pool-friendly, and the designs are only limited by the imagination. There are also environmental benefits: our bottles are lightweight, infinitely recyclable* and have a lower carbon footprint than glass bottles or aluminum cans.”

Amcor and Garçon Wines will also be collaborating to produce the flat wine bottles made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET plastic in the U.S.

A 2018 Dow Packaging Innovation Awards Diamond Finalist, Garçon Wines’ flat wine bottle has been generating significant interest in its home country of the UK, as well as in Europe, and is now set to come to the U.S. to continue its multinational expansion. A serious challenger to round glass bottles, the recycled PET flat bottle with granted patent and patents pending in the U.S., will become widely available in the U.S. in the second half of 2020. By innovating in shape and using best-in-class material, it becomes a game-changing, sustainable solution.

“As we are facing a climate emergency and existential threat, we urgently need to be making step changes to products to slash their carbon footprint. Flattening the wine bottle saves space and making it from recycled PET saves weight and energy,” said Santiago Navarro, CEO and co-founder of Garçon Wines. “We are highly motivated by the opportunity to collaborate with Amcor for our flat wine bottles in the world's largest wine market. As the leading plastic packaging company to the US wine industry, Amcor is the perfect partner for the stateside launch of our innovative wine bottles.”

PET, which has rapidly become the world’s preferred packaging material, is lightweight, shatterproof, resealable, reusable, and infinitely recyclable*. PET plastic bottles often have the lowest carbon footprint and their production results in up to 70% less greenhouse gas emissions, according to Amcor’s Asset Lifecycle Analysis.


*With existing technologies including chemical recycling

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